Why Facebook is a No-Brainer for Real Estate Professionals?

My real estate professional colleagues ask me all the time “Why Facebook?”

Here’s my answer (plus the answer you need to give to impress clients at a listing presentation).

Facebook has become the new standard for the internet. People now start their day by going online to Facebook. The internet has become a social experience and Facebook won the social race.

But here’s the short but sweet answer – because your clients are on Facebook – and if your clients are on Facebook you need to be on Facebook.

Here’s a few stats that demonstrate the unbelievable reach of Facebook. You can use these stats when you sit down at the table with a potential client and want to prove that you’re socially savvy and a social media marketing genius.

Facebook is one of the world’s most popular online brands and over 54% of the world’s online population has visited Facebook.

 Facebook is used by 62% of internet users in the United State.

Now here’s the stat I find particularly revealing and most significant.

 It tracks how much people trust advertising and clearly demonstrates something we already know – people trust recommendations from people they know. That’s where social media comes into its own as social network friends actively seek recommendations from one another; provide unsolicited reviews about products and service providers and blog about their experience.

Social network friends will blog things like “Can anyone recommend a Realtor?” Their social network friends will reply with recommendations of Realtors. You need to make sure that they’re talking about you!

Still not sure about “doing the Facebook thing?”

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Ross Hair is bald, a huge fan of real estate social media and the founder of Social Media Marketing Camp.

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  1. Ross-
    This is really good- I cant wait to share this with my associates and clients- you are so right!

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