Video Landing Pages

One of the most powerful lead conversion tools is a video landing page.

Like the name suggests it’s a landing page (also known as a squeeze page) to where you direct traffic with a goal to getting your visitor’s contact details. The “conversion” is converting a visitor into a contact. The contact details we ideally want are the visitor’s email address, name and cell phone number.

The importance of converting a visitor into a contact is that you can identify your visitor and now have a way to contact him or her at a later date. It’s basically lead conversion 101.

Here’s a typical video landing page for a neighborhood video that I created with my favorite landing page tool:

Landing Page Neighborhood Video

The essential elements of the video landing page are:

Headline: A strong and descriptive headline

Video: It’s a video landing page so adding a short video with quality neighborhood content is obviously important 🙂

Clear Benefit and Reward: The checklist clearly states the benefits contained in the video

Call To Action (CTA): The CTA is very clear and is the action that you want taken your visitor

Email Form: You can’t see it on this video but there is an email form integrated into the page. The form is created by my email manager and is integrated into the page using my landing page tool.

Simple Navigation: The page has a very simple navigation structure. There are no distracting links to other pages. A visitor has a simple choice – download the video (by giving me an email address) or hit the back button and leave the page.

Here’s another video landing page for a Real Estate Market Report (with a timer to create urgency):

Landing Page Real Estate Market Video With Timer

Here’s a video landing page for a kitchen remodel:

Kitchen Video Landing Page

Finally here’s one for an individual real estate video listing with a CTA to download a free list of foreclosed homes:

Promote Video Landing Page

Landing pages are easy to create if you have the right tools. The tool I use is called the Landing Page Tool and it allows me to create landing pages and instantly post them to my blogs and Facebook. The Landing Page Tool is one of my 5 Best Real Estate Marketing Tools and an essential part of my marketing toolkit.

Ross Hair


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