The One Thing the Top Real Estate Bloggers Have in Common

Authentic ImageI interviewed a number of the top real estate bloggers and was struck by the realization that they all have one thing in common. It’s an intangible thing that’s hard to explain but you know it when you see it.

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That one thing is this – their blogging has transcended their blog and they’re now viewed as an integral part of their community.  They’ve achieved local brand recognition and now get almost all their business from referrals and past customers.

In a weird kind of way they have become local celebrities, instantly recognized when they walk down the street and viewed as a credible and trustworthy source of local news and information.

In short they’ve become trusted community leaders.

I found it difficult to articulate this observation into words so let me share a few real life examples.

Kendyl Young is a real estate blogger from Glendale, CA. Kendyl blogs about life and real estate in Glendale and La Canada on her blog at She posts articles and videos on Things to Do, Life, Market Reports, Listings and Neighborhoods in her local area.

Kendyl’s philosophy is that she wants to add as much value as she can to her community. She doesn’t believe in forced registrations to get an email address and the dozen of other call to actions we all use to manipulate an email address.

Instead, Kendyl believed that if she shares her authentic passion and love for her community that this will translate into real estate work in the future.

And boy-o-boy was she right!

Kendyl’s clients now show up to her open houses just to chat. Her real estate business is thriving and her customers and community love her.

The same thing happened with Sharon McNamara at Boston Connect just south of Boston.

Sharon started blogging, shooting video and sharing her love and passion for her local community. That was 3 years ago when she worked for a large regional broker. Fast-forward three years and Sharon has her own real estate company, 24 agents, has doubled her personal production and enjoys local celebrity status.

All because she used blogging and social media to become a trusted community leader!

It’s the same for Lisa Heindel and Terri Babineaux at Crescent City Living in New Orleans. They’re now so much bigger than their blog and synonymous with their community.

But what’s really interesting about Lisa and Terri’s story is that they did it once and now they’re trying to do it again in a bigger market. Lisa and Terri started out working the West Bank area just outside New Orleans and published the West Bank Living blog.

Lisa and Terri are now fully integrated into the local community and enjoy tremendous brand recognition and a thriving real estate business in the West Bank area.

But they wanted to move across the river and grow their business in the bigger New Orleans market so they started the Crescent City Living blog.

It’s the same idea as the West Bank Living – just much earlier in the development cycle.

The good news for you is you can follow Crescent City Living and watch it grow.

Then you can take their best ideas and apply it to your local area. You can transcend your blog and become a trusted community leader in your town.

But only if you’re authentic, passionate and willing to share your love for your community.


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