Real Estate Blog Plan

Real Estate Blog Plan SlideTo help you zero in on your exact target audience I just uploaded my real estate blog plan.

It’s a step-by-step template for planning and creating a hyper local neighborhood blog.

Click Here To Download The Real Estate Blog Plan!

The one area that Realtors can out perform the large real estate search portals (like Zillow) in Google search results is by creating relevant hyper local content. The strategy is to create a neighborhood blog that publishes posts about local events, icons, landmarks and landscapes. All you need is a camera to shoot local photos and video and a short descriptive paragraph about the photo or video.

The real estate blog plan covers: Continue reading “Real Estate Blog Plan”

Marry Your Facebook Page to Your Blog

One of the best ways to get the maximum return on the content you post online and protect yourself against being shut down by Facebook is to marry every new Facebook Page to a new blog.

The idea is pretty simple – whenever you create a new Facebook Page you should also create a corresponding blog on the same subject, ideally with the same name and a matching domain. Then when you post new content you first post the content on your blog and then syndicate the content to your Facebook Page.

You can syndicate the content by using an application like Social RSS or using a share plugin on your blog like Facebook Share.

This tactic has the advantage of creating and growing your own web presence through your blog and you get the benefit of publishing your content on Facebook.

You own the blog and all its content. You also own all the SEO and Google juice.

This is important if Facebook changes its terms of service or decides to restrict or even terminate your Facebook account.

Free Real Estate Blogs

After going through three developers I finally found a solution that delivers a quick, professional and free real estate blog – (see below).

It’s the perfect solution to the number one problem faced by most real estate professionals – lack of technical expertise.

So if you want a real estate blog, with a professional theme, social media icons and SEO ready with all the right plug-ins, you can get one at Free Realty Blog.

Note that hosting is not included but is available for as little as $5 a month.

Plus you also have the option of adding a Blog and Social Media Graphics package. I’m not sure if the package will be available when you order your blog but grab it if it is still under a hundred dollars.

Here’s the link again.

Real Estate Blogging is a Mixture of Art and Science

Publishing a real estate blog is a mixture of art and science.

The art is your content, how you phrase your sentences and pen your words.

The science is the systematic checklist you use to make sure your blog is fully optimized for the search engines so it can be seen by your real estate customers.

I going to leave the wordsmithing (I think I just inventicated this word) and poetic language about your recently rehabbed 3 bed 2 bath to you.

I’m only going to help you with the technical stuff so here’s the “10 Step Scientific Outline and Checklist for Publishing your First Blog Post”: Continue reading “Real Estate Blogging is a Mixture of Art and Science”