REMCamp is
Real Estate Marketing Camp

It’s the most important digital marketing training created specifically for the real estate industry. It will help you reinvent your business for the Digital Age and make you completely rethink how you capture new clients and how to dramatically increase your annual revenue. 

Who is it for?

REMCamp is for every agent who understands that your clients are online and you need to go online to meet them and earn their business.

The training is a blueprint for how to reinvent your business and capture more clients in the Digital Age.

30 Digital Marketing Modules

We cover all the important digital marketing channels. We’ll show you how to set up your digital platform and then drive traffic and leads to the platform using email, local, social media, video, mobile and expert content marketing.

The Right Tools and Resources

We’ll share and show you how to use the right tools and resources to set up and run your digital marketing campaigns. You simply can’t afford the time and energy to experiment with tools that don’t work and don’t help you achieve your goals.