Real Estate Website Plan

Real Estate Website Plan from Ross HairIf you want to find home buyers and sellers online you need a high performing real estate website.

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Your real estate website is the foundation of your digital marketing plan. It’s your virtual home base through which you can manage all your marketing campaigns.

Setting up a real estate website is easy and inexpensive as there are dozens of excellent website vendors. For just $10-a-month you can have your own real estate website, with IDX, up and running in as little as 15-minutes. Yet so many real estate agents don’t have their own website and instead rely on a sub-site or mini site on their broker’s website.

That’s just nuts!

Your broker sub-site is not optimized to deliver any leads and is usually little more than a placeholder with your contact details. If you send traffic to your broker sub-site it’s unlikely to convert and you’re wasting your marketing efforts by building your broke’s website instead of your own website.

For $10-a-month you can go to Placester or Zillow and get an attractive website (built on WordPress) that will out perform your broker sub-site.

In the real estate website plan we cover:

    • Website development and makeover worksheet
    • How to spring clean or update your sub-site on your broker website
    • How to makeover your existing real estate website
    • How to covert your existing real estate website into a lead generation machine

Click Here To Download The Real Estate Website Plan!

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