Real Estate Video Marketing on Facebook

Facebook offers an instant real estate video marketing platform for every real estate professional.

Just think about!

You can instantly upload a video to your Facebook account and share it with your friends and fans. Then you can leverage Facebook’s great SEO benefits to attract new prospects by making your video searchable by the general public.

And you can do it absolutely for free on the world’s most popular website.

That’s a pretty good deal!

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I use video extensively on the community page that I set up for my hometown of Niwot, Colorado.

The best part is that most of the video is shot and uploaded by people in our town. I no longer need to do any work to grow the fan base as most of the content is user generated and new fans invite their friends to join the fan page.

I created the page so now I have the ability to send an instant message to around 50% of my town’s adult population. That’s a very powerful (and free) marketing channel.

To upload a video you need to click on the video tab on your home page. Then click on the upload tab to upload your video.

The next step is to browse your computer or camera and upload the video. The only limitation is that the video needs to be less than 20 minutes and 1024 MB.

It doesn’t get any easier than Facebook. It takes just a few minutes to upload just about any video, like the one of my local high school during a parade.

You can take your marketing to the next level by creating a fan page (like I did for my town of Niwot, Colorado) and then customizing the page by adding your own design and custom pages.

The key tool is an application called Static FBML that you can find it in Facebook’s Application Directory.

You can then customize your fan page to create a video squeeze page that captures your visitor’s contact details. This turns your fan page into a very powerful marketing tool as it helps you build your contact list and create an email list for your long term marketing plan. Email marketing is the holy-grail for internet marketers and something you must add to your marketing plan.

You can add video to your fan page so it looks like an internet marketing page (see below).

You can customize your page to add real estate specific content (see below).

Another tactic that you can use is to create a Single Property Fan Page.

A single property fan page is just like a single property website. The main difference is that the fan page sits on Facebook. Set up the fan page, add the property details, photos and videos and then invite all the neighbors to become a fan of the site and post a comment about the neighborhood. You will be amazed by how much positive feedback you get from the local homeowners.

Creating a single property fan page has its pros and cons.

The pros are that your fan page is free, it sits on the world’s most popular site and it is easy to get Facebook traffic to the page.

The cons are that you don’t own the site (Facebook does) and you are limited by the fan page’s functionality and Facebook’s terms of service.

Another tactic is to create a live video stream and publish it on your fan page. You can use an application like UStream or vBroadcaster to add a live video stream to your Facebook fan page or blog.

You could broadcast an open house or do a weekly webinar for new home buyers etc.

Now you have no excuse to not use video as part of your real estate marketing plan. Facebook gives you the platform, the tools and all the traffic you will ever need to close more real estate deals using video marketing.

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