Real Estate Social Media Strategy

Here’s the single most important thing about my real estate social media strategy …

I think it’s too difficult to sell real estate online. So I don’t even try.

Is that a crazy statement or what?

It’s certainly counter intuitive.

Why spend so much time telling people that social media marketing is perfect for real estate if you think it’s too difficult to sell real estate online?

What I found was that it was difficult to sell real estate online but much easier to sell it offline in the real world.

So I don’t try to sell online. I sell it offline. (Actually, I don’t even sell it offline because I refer 99% of my deals to my nationwide referral network).

I only try to do one thing online.

Do you know what that is?

All I try to do online is get a name and email address and permission to email.

My entire social marketing plan is designed to turn a stranger into a “friend” and then turn my new “friend” into a contact.

I’m marketing just for contact details. That’s it!

You see I found that although it was difficult to sell real estate online, it was really easy to make friends online.

So here’s my entire real estate social media strategy in three sentences:

  1. Make as many friends online as possible
  2. Don’t try to sell real estate online, only try to get an email address and permission to send an email
  3. Take your hot prospects offline and sell real estate to them the old fashioned way.

Social Media gurus hate this approach.

They think it breaks the new golden rule of participation and interaction and don’t see it as being very sociable. I understand what they’re saying but I just couldn’t work out how to chat with thousands of new clients and efficiently manage my time.

So I guess I’ll just keep on doing the things that work for my business.

2 replies on “Real Estate Social Media Strategy”

  1. Absolutely Ross! I like the fact that you take ownership of your concept in how you will market. I would like to hear your continued thoughts on how successful you think your model is in these modern (80% of people start their search Online) society and how much contact is needed to establish that relationship.

    Do you still call them a “Friend” if your “goal” is “…marketing just for contact details. That’s it!” I only challenge your use of the term as I don’t use the word “friend” when marketing for clients (even if I treat them as I would a friend). I prefer “client” at the service level such as a Lawyer works for a client. But I would agree it is nice to hear success and build on that relationship to become a friend.

    I’m not a complete fan of all the ideas behind the Social Media Push (per se) and that is why I came up with my passive social site to gain potential clients confidence in choosing an Agent from my site after getting a sense of who they are via their online work and marketing savvy.

    As much as I might have challenged an idea here, I really like this blog. Its short, to the point, and makes sense. I look forward to reading more of your works in the future.

    Respectfully, John Perkins

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