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Trulia Mobile Ad SearchIs it time to jump into real estate mobile ads?

If you do decide to go mobile I have one huge conversion tip for you that will dramatically increase your return on investment.

Trulia has been touting stats that users who access their site through mobile devices are more transaction ready and 60% more likely to contact an agent.

That’s eye opening, especially when you couple this information with the trend that in 2014 more people accessed the web through a mobile device than their web browser.

Hint – you should probably pay attention to that bell that’s ringing in your head and telling you to take a serious look at mobile ads.

Think about it like this – if you buy an ad on Facebook and it appears in the traditional right hand column, a mobile user will never see the ad as there is no right hand column on your mobile viewers. This means that you just cut out over 50% of your potential audience who access Facebook through their mobile device.

In the REMCamp 30 Day Marketing Makeover we took a deep look at how you can use Trulia mobile ads to reach real estate buyers and sellers. We focused on Trulia because, unlike Zillow, you can buy stand alone mobile ads without having them bundled with the traditional web ads. That makes the mobile ads cheaper at around $100 a month and there is far less competition to get ads in your zip code.

We also uncovered one simple tactic that sky rocketed lead conversions.

One of our REMCamp members, Ron Krauch, shared his mobile marketing stats and how he responds to Trulia mobile leads.

At first he would receive a lead and immediately respond to the lead by email. The results? Nothing! Crickets!

Then he started to respond to leads by text. His lead conversion went off the charts and he now finds himself in long text chains with clients and at least two trips a month to the closing table.

That one little tweak, responding to mobile leads by text instead of email, made all the difference.

Ron also shared with us that you need to respond to leads immediately or they just contact the next agent.

You can download the Trulia mobile ad training by joining our real estate marketing community at REMCamp.

Ross Hair


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