Real Estate Domain Plan

Real Estate Domain Plan SlideA real estate domain is a powerful, flexible and brandable real estate marketing tool.

And at just under $10 a domain it’s also one of the most affordable tools that every Realtor needs in their real estate marketing toolbox.

The key is that you can forward, map and mask any domain to compliment your marketing goal. As an example I can set up a $10 a month real estate blog with IDX of a site like Placester and map a domain to the blog’s sub-domain on Placester. So instead of having an ugly sub-domain like I can use a domain like (assuming I was selling luxury lofts in Denver).

By mapping the domain my visitors will only see the domain making it easy for them to remember the domain and reinforcing my luxury brand. I can use the domain in all my marketing.

I can change the domain to map to a new site. Let’s say my business is doing well and I build a custom high end blog and host it on my servers. I can then simply may my domain to my new site.

The key is that I own my own marketing asset and I can move it or take it with me.

This is especially true if you’re current website is a sub-domain on your broker’s website. Let’s say you’re at Keller Williams and your piece of the broker website is First up that’s an ugly domain that’s hard to remember. If you use your own domain name you can map it to your KW site. The, if you leave KW for another broker you can take the domain name with you. You keep the domain name’s value, not KW.

To help you with your domain plan take a look at our spreadsheets and a domain guide at REMCamp.

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