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This Thursday we’re going to use a new crowdsourcing real estate marketing initiative to create real estate checklists.

The idea is that we all need checklists to run our real estate businesses. Successful real estate agents use checklists to create systems and systems make it easier to build a successful real estate business.

On Checklist Thursday we’ll crowdsource all our checklists and create one shared list of checklists for everyone to download and use in their own business.

Checklist Thursday Logo


I’ll create a Google Drive Folder and invite everyone to add, edit and download every important real estate checklist.

I’ll add the first checklists but Checklist Thursday will only be successful if everyone contributes their expertise and lists.

Step 1 is to register for Checklist Thursday.

Step 2 is to request access to the Google Drive Folder

Step 3 is to add or edit an existing checklist on the Folder.

The first crowdsource initiative for the real estate industry? What took us so long?

Ross Hair

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