Real Estate Blog Plan

Real Estate Blog Plan SlideTo help you zero in on your exact target audience I just uploaded my real estate blog plan.

It’s a step-by-step template for planning and creating a hyper local neighborhood blog.

Click Here To Download The Real Estate Blog Plan!

The one area that Realtors can out perform the large real estate search portals (like Zillow) in Google search results is by creating relevant hyper local content. The strategy is to create a neighborhood blog that publishes posts about local events, icons, landmarks and landscapes. All you need is a camera to shoot local photos and video and a short descriptive paragraph about the photo or video.

The real estate blog plan covers:

      • A strategic focus on hyper local content
    • Focus on creating content that appeals to your target audience
    • Understanding your target demographics
    • The why, how, what and when of local blogging
    • A technical audit of the features you need in your blog, including design, IDX, landing pages and free reports
    • The right tools and plugins

Click Here To Download The Real Estate Blog Plan!

You can view additional resources like the real estate blog content calendar and real estate blog development worksheet at REMCamp.