Pro Real Estate Videos

I recently bought a video creation product that makes it really easy to create professional real estate videos.

You can view or purchase the software by clicking here!

You can make just about any type of real estate video. All you need is your imagination.

I created my own set of videos and included step-by-step instructions. I’ll update the instructions as I complete each new video – but you can download my first step-by-step instructions by clicking here!

1 – A Professional Video Intro

You can start each video with a professional video intro by animating your company logo. I created a sample video with a number of different options you can use to start your videos.

2 – A Home Tour

I spliced together a mp4 video corporate intro clip with still home exterior and interior photos to create a simple video tour. It took 7 minutes.

Coming Soon:

  • Neighborhood Tour
  • A Tour of Things to Do
  • Local Real Estate Market Report
  • What You Can Buy for $400,000
  • Client Testimonial and Reviews
  • Home Advice for Clients
  • Interviews with Home Professionals like Mortgage Brokers or Landscapers
  • Listing and Pre-listing Videos

Keep coming back as I’ll add a new video every day.

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