{Tutorial} The Power Point Method (for real estate graphics)

PowerPoint Method Digital Assets SlideIf you have no technical or photoshop skills you can create your own real estate graphics in PowerPoint using the PowerPoint Method.

As the name suggests you can create all your own real estate graphics using PowerPoint as the canvas or base for your designs.

Basically you can drag and drop design elements like text, backgrounds and images into a PowerPoint slide, organize them into an image and then create the graphic with a screen capture tool like Jing or Snagit.

The PowerPoint Method or Hack has five easy steps:

  1. You insert a generic graphic into a PowerPoint slide.
  2. You then add a custom background.
  3. You can also overlay additional graphics (like your logo).
  4. You can add text (like your name and contact details).
  5. You then use your screen capture tool to create the graphic and save it as a jpeg, gif or png image file.

In order for the PowerPoint method to work you need my 5 Favorite Real Estate Graphic Tools (see previous post):

  • PowerPoint or Keynote (comes standard with most computers)
  • A Screen Capture tool like Jing (free) or Snagit ($49)
  • A set of generic graphics (from stock image sites like Fotolia and Dreamtime).
  • A set of background color pallettes (ColorCombos.com)

PowerPoint or Keynote

If you have a computer you probably have PowerPoint or Keynote (Mac).

Screen Capture Tool

Most modern computers have a screen capture function. The screen capture feature allows you to take a screen shot or “picture” of your screen or a select portion of your screen. Let’s say I’m looking at a website that I want to send to my web developer. Instead of sending a link I can take a picture of the screen and annotate the picture to show the developer what I like about that website.

I prefer to use a separate screen capture tool.

I use a tool call Snagit from a company called TechSmith. I really couldn’t run my business without this tool.

The good news is that TechSmith has a free version of Snagit called Jing. You can download Jing for free by clicking here.

My recommendation is that you spend the money on Snagit ($49). You can download the tool for a free trial or purchase Snagit right here!

Generic Graphics

You can buy generic graphics from stock image sites like Fotolia and Dreamstime.

The good news is that I made a whole set of generic Real Estate Graphics that you can use and customize for your business. REMCamp members can download hundreds of generic real estate graphics from the REMCamp website. I arranged them in PowerPoint slides so all you need to do is copy and paste them into your marketing material.

If you want to customize the graphics to add your own brand, images and personal details you need the Box Shot tool.

Download the REMCamp Graphics Library!

Demonstration of The PowerPoint Method or Hack

Let’s say I want to create a Video Graphic to show clients that I’ll post a video of their home on my website.

PowerPoint Method Digital Assets Slide

I’ll start out with a blank PowerPoint Slide. I click on the insert Picture link.

Insert Picture Image

This allows me to upload a picture from my computer. In this case I’m going to grab a picture of a generic video holder from my computer.

Blank Video Holder Image

The next step is to upload an image or photo of their home.


Then I repeat the process and upload an image of their home and overlay it onto the video holder.This is just the same video holder with a picture of the home contained within the original video holder image.

Video Holder With House

Next I upload an image of a simple video play button and overlay it over the picture of the house.

Video Holder with House and Play Button

I can also add text so I can add a call to action like “click here” (or the address of the home). One issue is that the image is a dark image so I need to use the text fill tool on PowerPoint so the text stands out from the image.

Video Holder with house and Text

And did you notice that I “pimped” it out with a Re/Max logo? You can add your own picture, logo or image.

My graphic is now finished so next I “grab” the graphic by using Snagit – my screen capture tool – and I then save the graphic as an image friendly file like a jpeg, gif or png file.

Now I can add this graphic to all my marketing material. I can also use it to customize my listing presentation by showing them a custom video graphic of their home. By personalizing my graphics I look professional and I’m able to connect with my prospects and start to build the critical element of trust.

The only limitation with this method is that you need a set of generic images to use as the base for each custom graphic. I created a set of generic real estate graphics and images for you to use at www.REMCamp.com.



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  1. If you are on a mac you don’t need any screen capture tools. They are built in to macs. Open up keynote, the steps are even faster and simpler than on powerpoint. Then take your screenshot by using: shift, command ,3. I can make memes on my mac in about 2 to 3 minutes tops. Super fast and professional looking. Try it on your mac.

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