Notes from Rain Camp Denver

I’m at Rain Camp #raincamp in Denver and thought I’d experiment with taking notes online and in real time.

I’ll update the notes after each session.

Notes from Rain Camp Denver:

Marketing has changed:

In the past the greatest # of billboards won – now it’s the person with greatest content

Some great real estate marketing  tools and resources from Ben Kinney – what’s your Social Media Klout? – can create a free walking virtual tool – free and like a project planner re basecamp – blueprint is a db management system $20 – help you keep in contact with your sphere – contact management system – contact management system – stalking – like an online investigation – can add a person’s email etc and find out everything about that person – Ben saya  67% better increase in sales when we add a Facebook message

Probably the most important statement made all day – Your clients don’t care about you, they  want to know what their house is worth and where are the best deals! – URL shortener – I prefer – email manager – I prefer backed up with – can insert video into your email email – Ben saw a huge increase in response – sends an email auto message so you can control your inbox and not have it control you. – can get freelancers to bid for business. – u own the number – can route to multiple phones ie- to your  buyer agents – goes straight to their voicemail – so you can call someone back but not speak to them!

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  1. When is the next Denver, CO Rain Camp!!!??? I need it! I want it! Can’t think of Real Estate without it! Please let me know when/where. Thank you, Rachel 303-907-2613

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