Marianna Wagner at Rain Camp Denver

Marianna Wagner

Blogging Tips

Marianna is a very active Active Rain blogger and Realtor from Colorado Springs

1.            Blog about your Local Market

Marianna uses blogging about neighborhood communities to dominate her local market.

Use keywords used by consumers like “Homes for sale”, “neighborhood name” and supplies real estate information about the area.

2 – Position yourself as the expert

Supply local real estate information, news and statistics

Focus on keywords that people are interested in like “Bank Owned Homes” and “foreclosures”.

Go after new home communities – write about the communities – easy to become the lead information source for a community.

Write in the language of the consumer and avoid real estate industry terms.

3 – Market and Advertise your listings

Promote your listings through your blogs

4 – Generate traffic and Create Links

Uses Active Rain and popular sites for links back to her blogs.

5 – Blog for referrals

The more I blog the more business I get. Other Realtors see her blog and trust her with their referrals.

Write about stuff that you like, write often and write in the voice of your customer.

Marianna’s tips for things to blog about:

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