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Unlock your land value

Sell us you developable land or partner with us and create lifetime residual income.

What We Offer

We love land

Sell Your Land

We're one of the largest local buyers of developable land.

Partner With Us

Partner with us and we'll jointly develop your land.

Keep Your Land

Unlock the value in your land without giving up ownership.

Residential Ground Lease

Lease Your Land

For landowners who don’t want to sell their land, our ground lease agreement deliver a better way for landowners to unlock the value of their land. 

One of the biggest disadvantages of owning land is the difficulty to generate revenue from raw dirt.

The same fundamental problem gets raised in just about every conversation we’ve had with landowners – landowners are asset rich and cash poor.

To make matters worse, not only does the land not generate revenue but it attracts expenses like property taxes and maintenance.For most landowners the only solution is to carry the costs of land ownership and recover those costs, and hopefully a profit through appreciation, when the land is sold.

At the core of the landowner’s dilemma is the wish to generate revenue from the land without selling the land.

There are a number of well-established channels to generate revenue from land. Landowners can lease the land, grow crops, sell storage or sell off a small section of the land.

In most cases, if the revenue covers property taxes it’s a win for the landowner.

If this describes you, reach out to us and learn how we can unlock the value in your land by selling or partnering in a joint venture to develop the land. Our proprietary ground lease model delivers lifetime residual income without giving up ownership of your land.

Atwood Apartment
Mountain View
Main Street

Preferred Land ...

We’re looking for land with the following characteristics:

1. Mostly Vacant
2. Developable
3. Residential
4. Right Zoning

5. Within City Limits
6. Over 1-Acre
7. No Deed Restrictions
8. No Conservation Easements

let’s talk.

Give us a call to discuss your land and ways to unlock value without selling.