HootSuite – My Favorite Real Estate Social Media Tool

The one piece of real estate social media software that I simply can’t do without is HootSuite.

HootSuite is a third party application that allows you to view all your social media accounts on a single dashboard, connect all your accounts so that you can syndicate posts and automatically upload RSS feeds from any website (including your blog) to all the social networks.

And did I mention that it’s free!

I use HootSuite extensively to post to multiple groups, fan pages and accounts. It’s really simple to use and includes a URL shortener to help with your Twitter posts.

But the thing I do most with HootSuite is “listen” to the conversation by tracking keywords on Twitter. It’s an awesome way to find active home buyers and sellers in your local area and to keep an eye on local news.

It’s my favorite social media tool and I highly recommend that you open a free acount on HootSuite right now.

About Ross Hair

Ross Hair is bald, a real estate social media fan and the founder of Social Media Marketing Camp.

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