Guinness World Record for Fans in a Day

Here’s a Press Release from a Fortune 500 company about getting Facebook fans for your Page that really caught my eye.

In the Press Release the company claims to have set a Guinness World record for the most Facebook fans in a day – 1,571,161.

WOW – I’m impressed!

And the name of the company?

Frito Lay.

So how did they do it and what lessons can you use in your real estate business?

The campaign was launched by providing fans with an inside look at the creation of a new flavor of chips in the Flavor Kitchen. This gave fans a behind the scenes look at the creation process. It was then backed up with the give away of 24,000 bags of chips (value $3.99 each) to the first 24,000 fans who liked the Page and registered at a custom tab.

That’s a great way to build a fan base and a mailing list.

But that doesn’t explain why the campaign went viral and collected more than a whopping 1.5 million fans.

The key is that whenever someone liked the Page, posted a comment or interacted with the Page it resulted in a post to that fan’s news feed. That’s a minimum of 1,571,161 news feed mentions plus an untold number of wall posts and comments.

But that’s not all, folks.

Frito Lay has extended the campaign by offering discount coupons in your Sunday newspaper.

So how can you incorporate a campaign like this into your business (especially with your budget – I mean with no budget)?

The first observation is to recognize that rewards work. People didn’t flock to Frito Lay’s Page because they have an insatiable love for their potato chips. They were attracted by the reward.

So what reward can you give (and how do you deliver it)?

  • You could give everyone a bag of potato chips. It worked for Frito Lay so why not for you.
  • You could negotiate a discounted product from a local vendor (like a 99 cent ice cream cone that you get for 25 cents). You do a deal with the ice cream parlor whereby they discount the price to cost and you promise new customers.
  • Keeping with the food theme you could do it with other popular foods like tacos, burgers or coffee.

In each case you would require that the person likes your fan page and opts in to a mailing list. When they enter their email address you can send the discount coupon.

From a tech perspective you will need to create a custom landing tab for your facebook Page with a “fan gate” and email capture form.

You can set a budget by limiting the number of coupons and you can re-inforce brand recognition by including a codeword or phrase that will make people think of you. I’m bald and my last name is Hair so I always use a code that includes the word bald. I also use code phrases like “bald is beautiful” or “the baldest man in real estate” . I do this to make sure people associate me with something good like a discount coupon.

About Ross Hair

Ross Hair is bald, a huge fan of real estate social media and the founder of Social Media Marketing Camp

P.S. – In case you’re curious here’s the Press Release:

“PLANO, Texas, April 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division today announced that its rapidly growing Facebook community set the Guinness World RecordsĀ® title for “Most Fans on Facebook in 24 Hours,” garnering 1,571,161 new “likes” (i.e., fans) on April 11, 2011. As a thank you for setting this groundbreaking 24-hour record, Frito-Lay will reward its fans by giving away 24,000 bags of chips made with all natural ingredients.

Beginning April 29, 2011 at 2 p.m. CDT, the first 24,000 consumers that have “liked” the Frito-Lay Facebook page and registered on a special product giveaway tab will receive a coupon for a free bag of chips valued at $3.99. For more information and complete details about the product giveaway, please visit or

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