Get Creative With Facebook’s New Photo Strip

Facebook recently changed the design of your profile page and added a feature called the photo strip. It didn’t take long before a number of members produced really creative designs and brandable images.

At the top of your page there are a series of 5 photos called the photo strip. You can tag 5 pictures and arrange them so that they produce a single continuous image. The image can include branding and a message, like instructions to Become a Friend or your website address. Unfortunately Facebook randomly re-orgaizes the picture order (and breaks your image) but you can get around this by using a photo strip application.

Here are a number of very creative ways that you can use the photo strip to promote your brand or message. 

A cool tool that you can use is the Profile Picture application (app) by Schweppes or Profile Banner. You can use the app to create a more stylistic picture gallery. 

The key to creating you picture gallery is to us a large photo. I created my picture on Power Pont and then used a screen capture tool called Snagit.

Here’re a couple more cool pictures:

How about this one that also uses a video box so that people get a personal message from you when they view your profile?

Or how about this photo strip that Liz Landry of Keller Williams used to promote the GEEKY campaign.

Take as much time as you need to customize your profile picture and photo strip. It’s free premium real estate that you can use as a billboard for your brand and your business.

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