Create a Real Estate Content Factory

Content Factory Diagram FlowThe best thing about writing a real estate blog is that you can repackage and reuse every blog post to create a real estate content factory.

Its starts with a number of real estate blog posts on a particular subject. You can then bundle a number of posts together to create a real estate report and you can bundle a number of reports together to create a real estate guide.

Let’s take Chuck Marunde of Sequin, WA as an example.

Chuck is a prolific real estate blogger who gets most of his business from Out-Of-State buyers who find him online. Chuck will write a number of blog post about buying homes in the Sequin area. He includes information about the local market, local things to do, the weather, real estate quirks peculiar to the area like termites or cistern inspections, health care and his love for the ocean. That’s a wide range of topics but it’s information that’s valuable, interesting and relevant to someone relocating from the Arizona desert or a bustling California city.

Sequim Real Estate GuideThen at the end of the year Chuck repackages his blog posts and publishes a book called “Sequim Real Estate – A Buyer’s Guide”. The book contains a foreword, some promotion for Chuck’s real estate services and a huge bunch of repackaged real estate blog posts.

And for just $24.95 you can order it from Amazon ­čÖé (unless you’re one of┬áChuck’s best prospects in which case he’ll send you a copy for free).

Chuck has used content marketing to firmly establish himself as a local expert, community leader and an authority on all things to do with relocating and buying a home in Sequin, WA.

Take a look at the diagram again and think about ways you can create your own real estate content factory.

Content Factory Diagram Flow

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