Create a Facebook Fan Page to Sell a Home

Can you use Facebook to list real estate and actually sell a home?

It’s an interesting idea and I’m having a great deal of fun trying to find out if Facebook is an effective real estate listing platform.

Here’s the basic strategy:

  1. Create a new Fan Page on Facebook for each new home for sale. Think of the Fan Page as equivalent to a “Single Property Website” with it’s own unique URL on Facebook.
  2. Co-opt the owner to invite their sphere to view and “like” the Fan Page.
  3. Co-opt all the other Realtors in your office to view and “like” the Fan Page.
  4. Do a direct mail campaign to all the neighbors and invite them to view and “like” the Fan Page. At the same time ask the neighbors to write a nice comment on the Fan Page wall and invite their friends to view the listing. Make sure you mention that the value of their home is tied into the quick full price sale of this home. This should encourage positive feedback and stop the guy next door who hates everyone from trashing your listing online.
  5. Use Facebook Ads to target hyper local prospects.
  6. Host a huge open house and promote it as an “Event” on Facebook and link it to your Fan page. This allows you to invite your entire contact list of clients, past clients and prospects to the event.

This real estate social media marketing strategy has the advantage that even if the house doesn’t sell you have made contact with all the neighbors and can canvass them for their business. It will also be a useful tool when you go back to your client and recommend a price reduction.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of our first listings using this strategy.

You can also sign up for Social Media Marketing Camp (SMMCamp) on May 27 when we will present a session on using Facebook Fan Pages to sell a home.

Go to to register for this and 4 other sessions on how to use Facebook and Linked In to find more real estate business.

About Ross Hair

Ross Hair is the baldest man in real estate and a huge fan of real estate social media marketing.

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  1. Interesting idea. Please update us if it works.
    One thing I have suggested before is for owners to put a postlets or image of their home on theeir facebook page so it won’t come across as salesy coming from the Realtor.

  2. Hey Ross, I like this idea a lot. I’m going to give this a shot as well.

  3. Has anyone had any luck with this. I would be curious to know.

  4. F#%ing brilliant idea Ross! I love it….integrating new media marketing with the classic old school. Going to do this with every listing. Thanks

  5. Ross – are you familiar with the facebook marketplace ( powered by oodle? I would love to speak with you about the marketplace and what we are doing to help real estate professionals build their real estate business. Feel free to reach out to me if I can assit you in any way! Cheers – Neil

  6. Love the qr code

  7. This is brilliant Ross! I wonder what the best way besides ads to get it in front of the neighbors besides FB ads? Probably postcards, this is an exceptional idea, thank you!


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