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 Claim Your Listings ImageZillow has a very powerful free marketing feature that allows real estate agents to “claim their listings”. The feature is open to every listing agent and you don’t need to advertise on Zillow to claim your listings.

The benefit is that you get free premium advertising on all of your own listings. In particular, you get a free listing agent ad that appears above the paid ads of competing agents.

The difference is that the listing agent ad is free, it’s designated as the listing agent and it appears at the top of the ad list.

Look how the listing agent Patrick Dolan has the top ad.

Zillow Home Search Listing Agent Top

In order to claim your listings it needs to (i) appear on Zillow and (ii) you need to create a free Zillow account.

It’s complicated but you probably already gave permission to Zillow to post your listings on their site, even if you don’t know it. That’s a whole other debate but basically Zillow will create a listing pulling the data you uploaded to the MLS or that they get from a third party provider like Listhub.

This means your listings probably appear on Zillow.

Next you need to create a free Zillow account and claim your listings. Just go to Zillow and sign up as a Pro. Nothing to it really!

One important point is that you need to use the same email address on your Zillow account as the email address you used on your listing.

Zillow will recognize your email address and automatically link the listing to your profile.

There’s also a back up procedure whereby Zillow allows you to claim your listing.

The way to do this is to type in your listing address in the Zillow search box.

Option one is to click on the “More> Claim this listing” tab and claim the listing.

Zillow Claim This Listing More Tab

Option two is to scroll further down the listing details page to the “Agent Comment” tab and click on the tab.

Zillow Claim Your Listing Tab

Let’s do the math!

The listing below is a $439,500 listing. Patrick Dolan is the listing agent and is already covered for the listing commission.

Patrick’s ad is a free ad and it appears as the top ad. There’s a pretty good chance that a lead will contact Patrick directly about the listing.

If Patrick closes both the seller and buyer side that’s a possible extra 3% commission on a $439K sales price.


Not a bad return for a free ad and 15 minutes creating a profile on the world’s most popular real estate site J

So What Should I Do?

Don’t be a dummy, don’t be lazy and don’t leave money on the table.

Head over to Zillow and set up your free profile using the same email address as you used for your listings.

Wait a few days and then do a search on Zillow for all your listings. If your ad doesn’t appear next to the listing then claim your listing.

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