Real Estate Checklists

This Thursday we’re going to use a new crowdsourcing real estate marketing initiative to create real estate checklists. The idea is that we all need checklists to run our real estate businesses. Successful real estate agents use checklists to create systems and systems make it easier to build a successful real estate business. On Checklist […]

Can You Run Your Real Estate Business From Your iPad?

I’ve dabbled around with the idea of going 100% digital and using my iPad to convert my real estate business into a paperless office. The “iPad for Real Estate” idea has always appealed to me but I must confess that I just never worked out an integrated system that allowed me to throw away my […]

Real Estate Video Marketing on Facebook

Facebook offers an instant real estate video marketing platform for every real estate professional. Just think about! You can instantly upload a video to your Facebook account and share it with your friends and fans. Then you can leverage Facebook’s great SEO benefits to attract new prospects by making your video searchable by the general […]

Social Media Marketing Camp 6 – Moblie Marketing for Real Estate

Social Media Marketing Camp 6 – Mobile Marketing for Real Estate is set for Thursday December 9 from 10am to 1pm Mountain. SMMCamp features a number of real estate social media experts who will share their insights and advice on how to market and sell homes using mobile marketing. The event is online and free […]