Real Estate Checklists

This Thursday we’re going to use a new crowdsourcing real estate marketing initiative to create real estate checklists.

The idea is that we all need checklists to run our real estate businesses. Successful real estate agents use checklists to create systems and systems make it easier to build a successful real estate business.

On Checklist Thursday we’ll crowdsource all our checklists and create one shared list of checklists for everyone to download and use in their own business.

Checklist Thursday Logo


I’ll create a Google Drive Folder and invite everyone to add, edit and download every important real estate checklist.

I’ll add the first checklists but Checklist Thursday will only be successful if everyone contributes their expertise and lists.

Step 1 is to register for Checklist Thursday.

Step 2 is to request access to the Google Drive Folder

Step 3 is to add or edit an existing checklist on the Folder.

The first crowdsource initiative for the real estate industry? What took us so long?

Ross Hair

The Very First REMCamp – Real Estate Marketing Camp

REMCamp Thumbnail 2We’re launching the very first REMCamp – Real Estate Marketing Camp, this Thursday February 21st at 12 Noon Eastern.

Click here to Register!

And there’s no better way to launch it than with Matthew Shadbolt, the Director of Interactive Product and Marketing at The Corcoran Group.

Matthew Shadbolt – The Corcoran Group’s 2013 Digital Marketing Plan

Seth Price – Online Marketing Director, Placester – 3 Marketing Trends to follow in 2013

Sharon McNamara – Broker / Owner, Boston Connect – The 3 Marketing Channels that Built My Real Estate Company and My Marketing Focus in 2013

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iPad for Real Estate Training

Krisstina and Garry Wise spent a year perfecting the iPad for Real Estate system so they could run their real estate business from an iPad.

Update – Join us at 12 Noon Eastern on Wed May 30 for the iPad for Buyers webinar

They did it so well that Apple sent a team to their office to learn how they did it.

That’s right, the inventors of the iPad sent a film crew to learn how their best customers used the iPad. The highest form of praise indeed.

Here’s the replay of the iPad for Real Estate webinar. In this webinar Krisstina and Gary show exactly how you can use your iPad when working with sellers.

So first hit the share button above and then watch the iPad for Real Estate video.

Ross Hair

P.S. – If you want to skip the webinar recording and just get the step-by-step training you can do so right here or by going to

Can You Run Your Real Estate Business From Your iPad?

I’ve dabbled around with the idea of going 100% digital and using my iPad to convert my real estate business into a paperless office.

The “iPad for Real Estate” idea has always appealed to me but I must confess that I just never worked out an integrated system that allowed me to throw away my pen and fax machine.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to host a webinar with Krisstina Wise, creator of the first paperless real estate office (as far as I know).

Here’s the link to the webinar.

I thought that I would pen some thoughts about the future of real estate and the digital office.

Real Estate Search

Everyone with an iPad can search for real estate from their iPad. All the large real estate portals offer an iPad app so this one is a no-brainer. Just as the public uses an iPad to search for real estate, a real estate pro can use an iPad to do local market research, find comparable listings and keep up with local market news. Check! Continue reading “Can You Run Your Real Estate Business From Your iPad?”

Real Estate Video Marketing on Facebook

Facebook offers an instant real estate video marketing platform for every real estate professional.

Just think about!

You can instantly upload a video to your Facebook account and share it with your friends and fans. Then you can leverage Facebook’s great SEO benefits to attract new prospects by making your video searchable by the general public.

And you can do it absolutely for free on the world’s most popular website.

That’s a pretty good deal!

Register for SMMCamp 7 Video Marketing for Real Estate on Thursday January 20 at 12 Noon Eastern – online and free!

I use video extensively on the community page that I set up for my hometown of Niwot, Colorado.

The best part is that most of the video is shot and uploaded by people in our town. I no longer need to do any work to grow the fan base as most of the content is user generated and new fans invite their friends to join the fan page.

I created the page so now I have the ability to send an instant message to around 50% of my town’s adult population. That’s a very powerful (and free) marketing channel. Continue reading “Real Estate Video Marketing on Facebook”

Social Media Marketing Camp 5

Social Media Marketing Camp 5 is set for Thursday September 9 from 10am to 1pm Mountain.

SMMCamp features a number of real estate social media experts who will share their insights and advice on how to market and sell homes on Facebook.

As usual, the event is online and free and you can sign up at the SMMCamp website.