Video Recording of my Presentation at Virtual Real Estate Bar Camp

I presented a session at Virtual Real Estate Bar Camp called “Building Facebook Communities to Generate Real Estate Business”.

It’s my most powerful Facebook tactic and is used very successfully by top producing real estate professionals throughout the nation.

Here’s the video. You will need to login to view it.

Do you want to follow me as I build a new community from scratch? You can do it right here!

Build a Local Facebook Community for your Town or Neighborhood

A number of presenters at Virtual Real Estate Bar Camp spoke about building a local community on Facebook for your town, neighborhood or even subdivision. Real estate social media experts view this one strategy as a powerful way to connect with local homeowners and build your real estate business.

In the next few months I’m going to build another local community and I’m going to let you peep over my shoulder as I record and explain every thing I do. You can use the exact same strategies and techniques in to build your own community.

Take a look at the very short video below as I explain how you can look over my shoulder!

Facebook is the New Coffee Shop!

In 2004 the 22 year old founder of Facebook famously turned down a $1 Billion offer for Facebook. That’s right – a 22 year old kid said thanks but no thanks to a billion dollars.


Turns out he was right. He’s now worth $2 billion plus and he presides over a social network that has over 350 million users and shows no sign of slowing down.

(In case you’re wondering, his name is Mark Zuckerberg.)

The most impressive thing about Facebook is not just its size. What’s just as impressive is Continue reading “Facebook is the New Coffee Shop!”

I’m Presenting at Virtual Real Estate BarCamp #vrebc

I’m thrilled to have been invited back to speak at Virtual Real Estate BarCamp #vrebc.

Tuesday April 6 from 10am to 5pm MOUNTAIN featuring 27 expert speakers – Free and Online!

Register now!

I’ve decided to really up the ante at the third edition of VREBC by presenting my MOST POWERFUL SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY – Building Neighborhood Communities!

This is the one strategy that outperforms every other strategy on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter and will help you connect with hundreds of new online friends and prospective clients every week.

It’s the holy grail of social media marketing – a way to send a free message to local homeowners.

Learn how you can use Facebook Groups and Fan Pages to dominate your local real estate market by building Neighborhood Communities.

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