Your Post or Comment on Facebook May Never Be Seen By Your Friends


One of the simplest tasks that you can perform on Facebook is to post a status update on your wall or your page and post a comment on another person’s wall or page.

It sounds simple but what happens to your post is anything but simple because you post or comment may never be seen by your friends.

The complicated part is all the rules and policies that Facebook uses to determine who can see the post and how it is distributed and published.

Facebook calls this EdgeRank. It’s their secret algorithm to determine how people see (or don’t see) your posts. A high EdgeRank makes your posts visible while a low EdgeRank can make your posts disappear. This means you may post something that Facebook decides is not interesting to your friends and hides it from their view.

Ouch! Facebook deciding what’s interesting! Continue reading “Your Post or Comment on Facebook May Never Be Seen By Your Friends”

Why Facebook is a No-Brainer for Real Estate Professionals?

My real estate professional colleagues ask me all the time “Why Facebook?”

Here’s my answer (plus the answer you need to give to impress clients at a listing presentation).

Facebook has become the new standard for the internet. People now start their day by going online to Facebook. The internet has become a social experience and Facebook won the social race.

But here’s the short but sweet answer – because your clients are on Facebook – and if your clients are on Facebook you need to be on Facebook.

Here’s a few stats that demonstrate the unbelievable reach of Facebook. You can use these stats when you sit down at the table with a potential client and want to prove that you’re socially savvy and a social media marketing genius. Continue reading “Why Facebook is a No-Brainer for Real Estate Professionals?”

Real Estate Video Marketing on Facebook

Facebook offers an instant real estate video marketing platform for every real estate professional.

Just think about!

You can instantly upload a video to your Facebook account and share it with your friends and fans. Then you can leverage Facebook’s great SEO benefits to attract new prospects by making your video searchable by the general public.

And you can do it absolutely for free on the world’s most popular website.

That’s a pretty good deal!

Register for SMMCamp 7 Video Marketing for Real Estate on Thursday January 20 at 12 Noon Eastern – online and free!

I use video extensively on the community page that I set up for my hometown of Niwot, Colorado.

The best part is that most of the video is shot and uploaded by people in our town. I no longer need to do any work to grow the fan base as most of the content is user generated and new fans invite their friends to join the fan page.

I created the page so now I have the ability to send an instant message to around 50% of my town’s adult population. That’s a very powerful (and free) marketing channel. Continue reading “Real Estate Video Marketing on Facebook”

The Cheap and Easy Way to Add Real Estate Search to Your Facebook Fan Page

Here’s the cheap and easy way to add real estate search to your Facebook Fan Page – and you don’t need to hire a developer.

This technique needs zero technical skills. It’s not quite as good as a full blow real estate search box application but it works almost as well and it has the advantage of getting the visitor to your website and not a general listing site.

I created a short report to give you a step-by-step guide – download the report here! (Please post a comment below if you like the report)

First let me tell you that there are a number of good search apps that you can use to show listings on your Facebook Fan page., Zillow, Trulia, Roost, Altos Research and a number of other large listing sites all have a Facebook app. The problem is that they take your visitor to their site and then poach your business by showing advertising from your competitors. Continue reading “The Cheap and Easy Way to Add Real Estate Search to Your Facebook Fan Page”

Social Media Marketing Camp 5

Social Media Marketing Camp 5 is set for Thursday September 9 from 10am to 1pm Mountain.

SMMCamp features a number of real estate social media experts who will share their insights and advice on how to market and sell homes on Facebook.

As usual, the event is online and free and you can sign up at the SMMCamp website.

The Opportunity Lies in the Obstacle

Here’s the one common characteristic of most successful businesses – they found a solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem. They ran into an obstacle that stopped every competitor dead in their tracks and found a way to overcome the obstacle.

Put in other words – the opportunity always lies in the obstacle.

Let’s take online real estate marketing as an example.

I’ve taught thousands of real estate professionals how to use social media marketing to generate new business and an unlimited pipeline of motivated buyer and seller leads.

While they all “get it” when it comes to connecting with prospects on social networks, almost every single person got stuck with the technology needed to create an online presence and convert social network friends into clients. Continue reading “The Opportunity Lies in the Obstacle”

HootSuite – My Favorite Real Estate Social Media Tool

The one piece of real estate social media software that I simply can’t do without is HootSuite.

HootSuite is a third party application that allows you to view all your social media accounts on a single dashboard, connect all your accounts so that you can syndicate posts and automatically upload RSS feeds from any website (including your blog) to all the social networks.

And did I mention that it’s free! Continue reading “HootSuite – My Favorite Real Estate Social Media Tool”

Create a Facebook Fan Page to Sell a Home

Can you use Facebook to list real estate and actually sell a home?

It’s an interesting idea and I’m having a great deal of fun trying to find out if Facebook is an effective real estate listing platform.

Here’s the basic strategy:

  1. Create a new Fan Page on Facebook for each new home for sale. Think of the Fan Page as equivalent to a “Single Property Website” with it’s own unique URL on Facebook. Continue reading “Create a Facebook Fan Page to Sell a Home”

Facebook Adds the Like Button

Facebook made a small but important change to Fan Pages but changing the Become a Fan button to a Like button. The change was made to reflect the true nature of the relationship between Fan Pages and Likers. It’s a small change but it should increase the number of Fans / Likers as becoming a Fan made some people feel like stalkers. You can see the new Like Button right here.

MetCalfe’s Law and Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Metcalfe’s Law explains why social networks are so viral and grow so exponentially. If you grasp the concept you can use it every day to power your real estate social media marketing.

In simple terms Metcalfe says that if you have 1 friend this represents 1 connection. If you have 5 friends this represents 10 connections and if you have 12 friends this represents 66 connections. Do you see the exponential growth in connections as you add friends?

Here’s a more scientific explanation  – Metcalfe’s law states that the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n2).

In short Metcalfe says “Go send out more friend requests on Facebook already!”

The great news is that Facebook and the other social networks are incredibly viral and you can simply piggyback on their network to virally expand your own personal network. In the Facebook Economy you can reach and connect with so many more people than in the “old days” of door-to-door or tele-canvassing.

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