Pay Me For My Listings

Here’s something I hear again and again from real estate agents in the REMCamp network – “I’m a real estate agent and I work hard to earn my listings. The listing data is my listing data and if the large real estate portals want to use my data they need to Pay Me For My […]

Real Estate Marketing Mind Map

As part of the REMCamp 30 Day Marketing Makeover we created a real estate marketing mind map to cover all 30 marketing tactics every Realtor needs to add to their digital marketing platform. You can access the full Mind Map at REMCamp.

Back to Basics

As 2014 starts to pick up speed I’ve decided it’s time to go back to the basics. To get into the spirit of things I changed to the most basic WordPress theme. No more messing around with custom code and fancy pants templates. Just simple and insightful content.  

Guinness World Record for Fans in a Day

Here’s a Press Release from a Fortune 500 company about getting Facebook fans for your Page that really caught my eye. In the Press Release the company claims to have set a Guinness World record for the most Facebook fans in a day – 1,571,161. WOW – I’m impressed! And the name of the company? […]

Facebook Kills the Real Estate Blog

Has Facebook killed the real estate blog? I got caught up in a conversation with Jay Thompson, the Phoenix Real Estate Guy, about the role of Facebook in real estate marketing. Two things we debated were if it was advisable to add listings to your Facebook Page and whether new agents would start using Facebook […]

Marry Your Facebook Page to Your Blog

One of the best ways to get the maximum return on the content you post online and protect yourself against being shut down by Facebook is to marry every new Facebook Page to a new blog. The idea is pretty simple – whenever you create a new Facebook Page you should also create a corresponding […]

Get Creative With Facebook’s New Photo Strip

Facebook recently changed the design of your profile page and added a feature called the photo strip. It didn’t take long before a number of members produced really creative designs and brandable images. At the top of your page there are a series of 5 photos called the photo strip. You can tag 5 pictures and arrange […]