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I created my own QR code (quick response code) as part of my committment to going 100% mobile in 2011.

SMMCamp Prize – Congratulations you read my QR code – Post a comment below this article and I’ll send you a link to my free report on how to create a custom fan page on Facebook with a search listings feature.

A QR code is a fancy 2-Dimensional code that encodes imformation about a URL, text or other data. It can be read by a bar code scanner or most new smartphones, including the iPhone and Android.

To read my QR code you need to download a QR reader to your smartphone, take a picture and the image will render the content.


The Opportunity Lies in the Obstacle

Here’s the one common characteristic of most successful businesses – they found a solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem. They ran into an obstacle that stopped every competitor dead in their tracks and found a way to overcome the obstacle.

Put in other words – the opportunity always lies in the obstacle.

Let’s take online real estate marketing as an example.

I’ve taught thousands of real estate professionals how to use social media marketing to generate new business and an unlimited pipeline of motivated buyer and seller leads.

While they all “get it” when it comes to connecting with prospects on social networks, almost every single person got stuck with the technology needed to create an online presence and convert social network friends into clients. Continue reading “The Opportunity Lies in the Obstacle”

Free Real Estate Blogs

After going through three developers I finally found a solution that delivers a quick, professional and free real estate blog – (see below).

It’s the perfect solution to the number one problem faced by most real estate professionals – lack of technical expertise.

So if you want a real estate blog, with a professional theme, social media icons and SEO ready with all the right plug-ins, you can get one at Free Realty Blog.

Note that hosting is not included but is available for as little as $5 a month.

Plus you also have the option of adding a Blog and Social Media Graphics package. I’m not sure if the package will be available when you order your blog but grab it if it is still under a hundred dollars.

Here’s the link again.

Syndicate Real Estate Listings

Here’s one of my favorite online real estate marketing tools.

It’s a syndication tool that allows you to syndicate your listings and homes for sale to all the major real estate listing sites, including Zillow, Trulia, Vast, Hot Pads and dozens more.

It doesn’t include Craigslist (a pity) but it does the next best thing by creating the html code that you can copy and paste into Craigslist.

It normally costs $97 a month but it’s free (download now) as part of a promotion by Greg Clement (Greg spoke at SMMCamp 4).

You will need to provide your email address and Greg will send you a few promo emails about his new online marketing system.

I use the product and highly recommend it.

About Ross Hair

Ross Hair is the Real Estate Advocate and a the founder of Social Media Marketing Camp.

Disclosure – The tool is free but if you later buy Greg’s new online marketing system I will earn a commission.