Keyzio Real Estate App Replay

Keyzio iPhone ScreenshotI just posted the replay for the Keyzio Real Estate App webinar.

It’s my favorite app for 2015 and I’ll be using it in my local market.

The app is free for buyers and sellers and you can download and play around with it by going to

You can view the replay at and follow the interview with Parker Hills, the CEO of Keyzio, who explains how the app generated at least $150,000 in GCI for a brand new agent in their test market.

My interest in the app is that it’s a peer-to-peer app that connects buyers and sellers  – but also builds huge lead lists for agents. The seller leads tend to be sellers who are thinking about selling but haven’t yet hired an agent.

Ross Hair

Real Estate Mobile Ads

Trulia Mobile Ad SearchIs it time to jump into real estate mobile ads?

If you do decide to go mobile I have one huge conversion tip for you that will dramatically increase your return on investment.

Trulia has been touting stats that users who access their site through mobile devices are more transaction ready and 60% more likely to contact an agent.

That’s eye opening, especially when you couple this information with the trend that in 2014 more people accessed the web through a mobile device than their web browser.

Hint – you should probably pay attention to that bell that’s ringing in your head and telling you to take a serious look at mobile ads.

Think about it like this – if you buy an ad on Facebook and it appears in the traditional right hand column, a mobile user will never see the ad as there is no right hand column on your mobile viewers. This means that you just cut out over 50% of your potential audience who access Facebook through their mobile device.

In the REMCamp 30 Day Marketing Makeover we took a deep look at how you can use Trulia mobile ads to reach real estate buyers and sellers. We focused on Trulia because, unlike Zillow, you can buy stand alone mobile ads without having them bundled with the traditional web ads. That makes the mobile ads cheaper at around $100 a month and there is far less competition to get ads in your zip code.

We also uncovered one simple tactic that sky rocketed lead conversions. Continue reading “Real Estate Mobile Ads”

Shoot Real Estate Video With Your iPhone

Your iPhone or smart phone is already an essential tool in your real estate business. Now with the advances in mobile video you can use your iPhone to shoot real estate video just like the pros.

Take a look at this tutorial on how to shoot a home tour video with an iPhone and then look at the second video to see the final product. The video is shot on an iPhone 4 using a custom case by HDHat with a clip on wide angle lens.


Sign up here for the iPhone for Real Estate webinar at 12 Noon on Wed July 18th


Now take a look at the final home tour video.

iPad for Real Estate Training

Krisstina and Garry Wise spent a year perfecting the iPad for Real Estate system so they could run their real estate business from an iPad.

Update – Join us at 12 Noon Eastern on Wed May 30 for the iPad for Buyers webinar

They did it so well that Apple sent a team to their office to learn how they did it.

That’s right, the inventors of the iPad sent a film crew to learn how their best customers used the iPad. The highest form of praise indeed.

Here’s the replay of the iPad for Real Estate webinar. In this webinar Krisstina and Gary show exactly how you can use your iPad when working with sellers.

So first hit the share button above and then watch the iPad for Real Estate video.

Ross Hair

P.S. – If you want to skip the webinar recording and just get the step-by-step training you can do so right here or by going to

Can You Run Your Real Estate Business From Your iPad?

I’ve dabbled around with the idea of going 100% digital and using my iPad to convert my real estate business into a paperless office.

The “iPad for Real Estate” idea has always appealed to me but I must confess that I just never worked out an integrated system that allowed me to throw away my pen and fax machine.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to host a webinar with Krisstina Wise, creator of the first paperless real estate office (as far as I know).

Here’s the link to the webinar.

I thought that I would pen some thoughts about the future of real estate and the digital office.

Real Estate Search

Everyone with an iPad can search for real estate from their iPad. All the large real estate portals offer an iPad app so this one is a no-brainer. Just as the public uses an iPad to search for real estate, a real estate pro can use an iPad to do local market research, find comparable listings and keep up with local market news. Check! Continue reading “Can You Run Your Real Estate Business From Your iPad?”

My QR Code

I created my own QR code (quick response code) as part of my committment to going 100% mobile in 2011.

SMMCamp Prize – Congratulations you read my QR code – Post a comment below this article and I’ll send you a link to my free report on how to create a custom fan page on Facebook with a search listings feature.

A QR code is a fancy 2-Dimensional code that encodes imformation about a URL, text or other data. It can be read by a bar code scanner or most new smartphones, including the iPhone and Android.

To read my QR code you need to download a QR reader to your smartphone, take a picture and the image will render the content.