The Cheap and Easy Way to Add Real Estate Search to Your Facebook Fan Page

Here’s the cheap and easy way to add real estate search to your Facebook Fan Page – and you don’t need to hire a developer.

This technique needs zero technical skills. It’s not quite as good as a full blow real estate search box application but it works almost as well and it has the advantage of getting the visitor to your website and not a general listing site.

I created a short report to give you a step-by-step guide – download the report here! (Please post a comment below if you like the report)

First let me tell you that there are a number of good search apps that you can use to show listings on your Facebook Fan page., Zillow, Trulia, Roost, Altos Research and a number of other large listing sites all have a Facebook app. The problem is that they take your visitor to their site and then poach your business by showing advertising from your competitors. Continue reading “The Cheap and Easy Way to Add Real Estate Search to Your Facebook Fan Page”

My QR Code

I created my own QR code (quick response code) as part of my committment to going 100% mobile in 2011.

SMMCamp Prize – Congratulations you read my QR code – Post a comment below this article and I’ll send you a link to my free report on how to create a custom fan page on Facebook with a search listings feature.

A QR code is a fancy 2-Dimensional code that encodes imformation about a URL, text or other data. It can be read by a bar code scanner or most new smartphones, including the iPhone and Android.

To read my QR code you need to download a QR reader to your smartphone, take a picture and the image will render the content.


Create a Facebook Fan Page to Sell a Home

Can you use Facebook to list real estate and actually sell a home?

It’s an interesting idea and I’m having a great deal of fun trying to find out if Facebook is an effective real estate listing platform.

Here’s the basic strategy:

  1. Create a new Fan Page on Facebook for each new home for sale. Think of the Fan Page as equivalent to a “Single Property Website” with it’s own unique URL on Facebook. Continue reading “Create a Facebook Fan Page to Sell a Home”

Sneak Peak at the 10 Day Real Estate Social Media eBook

Here’s a sneak peak at the outline of the Real Estate Social Media eBook – 10 days to Social Media Success and MORE Real Estate Closings!

The 10 day Plan is designed to get your social media marketing plan operational and productive in just 10 days.

On Day 1 you will identify your real estate social media strategy.

On Day 2 you will set up all your essential social network and technology accounts.

On Day 3 you will build your blog and add the most important widgets.

On Day 4 you will map out and plan your blogging strategy and publish your first blog posts.

The purpose of your blog is to provide a venue to receive thousands of new social network friends. Traffic to your blog will come from the social networks and you can expect an avalanche of prospective clients.

The most important function of your blog is to convert your visitors into contacts.

On Day 5 you will start making friends on Facebook and building your network.

On Day 6 you will create a fan page on Facebook for your local community. This is currently the single most successful tactic for rapidly growing your friend network on any of the social networks.

On Day 7 you will start making connections on Linked In and will build a group for your local community.

On Day 8 you will learn how to “listen” for business on Twitter by tracking keywords that identify ready and willing buyers and sellers.

On Day 9 you will set up your control panel on Hoot Suite to monitor and manage all your social networks in one convenient dashboard.

On Day 10 you’ll review your entire social media marketing plan and make sure that your networks are all connected and your content is syndicated.

About Ross Hair

Ross Hair is the Baldest Man in Real Estate Social Media and the founder of SMM Camp (Social Media Marketing Camp).

PhotoFunia plus Animoto – Cool Personal Branding

I started to play around with PhotoFunia and and Animoto and created this cool video in around 30 minutes using one simple head shot.

Photofunia (free) provided the stock images like the billboards and Animoto ($30 a year) converted the images into a video.

The branding and marketing possibilities are endless. You can use images of your business and your products and quickly convert them into a cool marketing video.

Cool Photo Makeovers

Ross Hair is Bald PosterHere’s a fun tool to turn an ordinary head shot picture into a poster.

It’s by a company called PhotoFunia and it’s free.

You can use it as a cool way to spice up your regular profile photo and in your marketing material.

The best part for me was when I turned a number of images into a video using Animoto and showed the video to my children. They’re young enough to think that their ole dad is very cool and famous.

Video Recording of my Presentation at Virtual Real Estate Bar Camp

I presented a session at Virtual Real Estate Bar Camp called “Building Facebook Communities to Generate Real Estate Business”.

It’s my most powerful Facebook tactic and is used very successfully by top producing real estate professionals throughout the nation.

Here’s the video. You will need to login to view it.

Do you want to follow me as I build a new community from scratch? You can do it right here!

Build a Local Facebook Community for your Town or Neighborhood

A number of presenters at Virtual Real Estate Bar Camp spoke about building a local community on Facebook for your town, neighborhood or even subdivision. Real estate social media experts view this one strategy as a powerful way to connect with local homeowners and build your real estate business.

In the next few months I’m going to build another local community and I’m going to let you peep over my shoulder as I record and explain every thing I do. You can use the exact same strategies and techniques in to build your own community.

Take a look at the very short video below as I explain how you can look over my shoulder!