Claim Your Listings on Zillow

Tweet  Zillow has a very powerful free marketing feature that allows real estate agents to “claim their listings”. The feature is open to every listing agent and you don’t need to advertise on Zillow to claim your listings. The benefit is that you get free premium advertising on all of your own listings. In particular, […]

Can You Run Your Real Estate Business From Your iPad?

Tweet I’ve dabbled around with the idea of going 100% digital and using my iPad to convert my real estate business into a paperless office. The “iPad for Real Estate” idea has always appealed to me but I must confess that I just never worked out an integrated system that allowed me to throw away […]

2012 Blogging for Real Estate Planner

Tweet We updated the 2012 Blogging for Real Estate Planner to help you kick your online marketing plan into top gear. ************************************** Sign up here for SMMCamp 15 – Blogging for Real Estate on Thursday May 3 at 12 Noon EST. Features 5 real estate blogging pros. ************************************* I recommend that you set up each […]

Linda’s Secret Weapon – Facebook Groups

Tweet Linda Davis has a secret Facebook Marketing weapon – Facebook Groups. Linda and our other real estate and social media experts wowed us at SMMCamp 14 by sharing how to generate business on the new Facebook. I’ve included a free link right here to Linda’s session. The recording is just 15 minutes long and shares […]

4 Best Ways to Find Local Clients on Google Plus

Tweet Here are the 4 best ways to find new clients and customers on Google Plus. Each video is just a few minutes long and includes a live demonstration. Don’t forget to sign up right here for SMMCamp 12 – Google Plus for Real Estate on Thursday December 8 at 12 Noon Eastern. 1 – […]

Use Google Search to Find Locals on Google Plus

Tweet Another easy way to find locals on Google Plus is to use Google Search. Google Plus is part of the Google family and Google Search is the foundation of the Google empire. The key is to use a few “secret” short codes to refine your search. If you like this video please share it […]

Search Tools to Find Locals on Google Plus

Tweet A powerful way to find locals on Google Plus is to use free Google Plus search tools created by third party developers. The advantage is that there are more refined and advanced search options, like employee or location based search, compared to the regular Google Plus search. If you like this power tip please […]