Real Estate Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing System Spiral CoverIf you want to find clients online you need to build a real estate digital marketing platform.

There’s really no way around it. Your clients are online so you need to meet them online – if you want their real estate business.

To help you get past the frustration and expense of setting up your own digital marketing platform I’ve created a Digital Marketing Guide for Real Estate. It’s a practical guide that shares the exact tools and software I use for my own digital marketing platform.

You can download the guide right here!

In particular the guide will show you:

Why you need to be a digital marketer
How to generate leads online
How to convert leads by focusing on getting your visitor’s contact details
How to incubate and manage leads so they turn into clients (and commission checks)
A case study for my platform at Niwot Homes
A budget to keep track of your technology and marketing expenses
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Zillow for Real Estate Guide

Zillow Report Cover Spiral No LogoZillow dominates online real estate search so I thought it was time someone wrote the underground Zillow for Real Estate Guide.

I’ve dug up the best free and paid marketing tools that you can use to run your entire real estate business on Zillow. Yes, it’s that powerful!

Download the free How to Use Zillow for Real Estate guide right here!

2012 Blogging for Real Estate Planner

We updated the 2012 Blogging for Real Estate Planner to help you kick your online marketing plan into top gear.


Sign up here for SMMCamp 15 – Blogging for Real Estate on Thursday May 3 at 12 Noon EST. Features 5 real estate blogging pros.


I recommend that you set up each new blog and periodically audit your existing blogs with the blogging planner.

In particular you need to make sure your blog is hyper-local and engages on a personal level with your target community.

Download the 2012 Blogging for Real Estate Planner right here! (all we ask is that you hit the share button above)



Top Ten Facebook Timeline Tips

Here’s my Top Ten Timeline Tips Report to help you get the most out of the new Facebook timeline.

On March 30th all Facebook Pages automatically converted over to the new timeline design.

Facebook has spun the change as a way to increase your brand’s visibility but while this is true it is also true that they’ve removed a number of key free marketing features – like the ability to send visitors to a custom default landing page (where you can get their contact details).

The report contains a number of work arounds that will help you generate traffic and increase lead generation.

You can download the Top Ten Timeline Tips Report right here.

(Here’s the full link if you’re having problems downloading the report – copy and paste –  –

Download the Real Estate Social Media Guide

The Real Estate Social Media Guide is here and can be downloaded at the free real estate site Social Media Advocate.

It’s a 142-page guide that shows you how to set up your social media marketing plan in just 10 days.

The best part is that it cuts through all the hype and fluff and gives you an easy to follow checklist and a step-by-step plan.

About Ross Hair

Ross Hair is the Social Media Advocate and author of the Real Estate Social Media Guide.

Sneak Peak at the 10 Day Real Estate Social Media eBook

Here’s a sneak peak at the outline of the Real Estate Social Media eBook – 10 days to Social Media Success and MORE Real Estate Closings!

The 10 day Plan is designed to get your social media marketing plan operational and productive in just 10 days.

On Day 1 you will identify your real estate social media strategy.

On Day 2 you will set up all your essential social network and technology accounts.

On Day 3 you will build your blog and add the most important widgets.

On Day 4 you will map out and plan your blogging strategy and publish your first blog posts.

The purpose of your blog is to provide a venue to receive thousands of new social network friends. Traffic to your blog will come from the social networks and you can expect an avalanche of prospective clients.

The most important function of your blog is to convert your visitors into contacts.

On Day 5 you will start making friends on Facebook and building your network.

On Day 6 you will create a fan page on Facebook for your local community. This is currently the single most successful tactic for rapidly growing your friend network on any of the social networks.

On Day 7 you will start making connections on Linked In and will build a group for your local community.

On Day 8 you will learn how to “listen” for business on Twitter by tracking keywords that identify ready and willing buyers and sellers.

On Day 9 you will set up your control panel on Hoot Suite to monitor and manage all your social networks in one convenient dashboard.

On Day 10 you’ll review your entire social media marketing plan and make sure that your networks are all connected and your content is syndicated.

About Ross Hair

Ross Hair is the Baldest Man in Real Estate Social Media and the founder of SMM Camp (Social Media Marketing Camp).