Pro Real Estate eCovers

Every agent needs a set of customized professional eCovers to create fabulous marketing material. So I created a set of professional real estate graphics that can be personalized with your brand and contact details. You can view the complete Real Estate Market Report Set by clicking here! Flat Cover The Flat Cover can be added […]

Be The Local Zillow

Here’s my 2016 real estate marketing strategy in one catchy slogan – “Be The Local Zillow“. And to help you understand why we need to be just like Zillow, I wrote the “Be The Local Zillow” Report. The report shows you: why Zillow is so successful at attracting home buyers and sellers, how we can […]

Create Real Estate Content

Creating compelling real estate content is all about identifying your target audience and delivering the content that they want to read or watch. To help you understand your target audience here’s a real estate content infographic from Placester that should help you create great blog posts. The infographic looks at buying and selling statistics by […]

Pay Me For My Listings

Here’s something I hear again and again from real estate agents in the REMCamp network – “I’m a real estate agent and I work hard to earn my listings. The listing data is my listing data and if the large real estate portals want to use my data they need to Pay Me For My […]