About Ross Hair

What's up with the bald guy?

Well , first, my name is Ross Hair and I’m bald.

It used to make me mad until I realized that having a weird accent and a bald head were more iconic than ironic – so that’s my new motto “more iconic than ironic”. It replaced “too bald to fail” and “the baldest man in real estate”.

I’ve always loved real estate. Especially selling it and the sweet smell of a laser printed commission check at the closing table.

On a more factual note I’ve also styled myself as the Real Estate Advocate and founder of Social Media Marketing Camp and Real Estate Marketing Camp, two social media and real estate marketing training program for real estate professionals.

If you need help with your real estate marketing or need a speaker for your next conference drop me an email at ross at rosshair dot com.

You can connect with me on social media at: