5 Essential Real Estate Marketing Tools

5 Real Estate Tools Image There are 5 real estate marketing tools that I use in all of my digital marketing campaign.

I use these tools almost every day and believe that they are a critical part of every real estate marketing toolkit.

In fact I think most Realtors can get away with using just these five tools to run all their real estate marketing campaigns (video excluded).

I’ll cover them in more detail below but in order of importance they are:

Email Manager
Landing Page Tool
Graphics Tool
CRM System

1 – Email Manager

I use an email manager to create web sign up forms, manage contacts and broadcast emails. It’s the most important tool that I use every day in my real estate business.

It’s not enough to use a simple program like Outlook or Mail.

I use the following email managers:

Mail Chimp ($0 – $79 per month – starts at free and increases by number of contacts)
Constant Contact ($0 -$180 per month – starts at free and increases by number of contacts)

2 – Blog

A blog is basically just a user friendly Content Management System (CMS) that anyone can set up and publish. The great news is that there are now so many real estate blog vendors and service providers that we have a number of excellent choices as very low prices.

I use the following blogs:

Placester ($10 a month, hosted by Placester, includes IDX and real estate themes)
Zillow ($10 a month, hosted by Zillow, includes IDX and real estate themes)

I also host my own blogs using customized themes from Placester and Elegant themes.

3 – Landing Page Tool

The key to digital marketing is converting your visitors into contacts by getting their contact details. In easiest way to get a visitor’s contact details is to offer free information, like a real estate market report or a home value report, in exchange for their email address.

I use the following landing page tool:

Lead Pages ($297 a year. It’s getting expensive but worth every penny)

If you’re looking for a cheaper tool you can use Landing Page Monkey

4 – Graphics Tool

Beautiful graphics are critical to every digital marketing campaign. If you want to capture your prospect’s attention you need visual content.

Working with a graphic designer is expensive so I create most of my own graphics. I use a couple of graphics tools:

Canva (free) – Canva is an amazing design tool that is perfect for creating real estate graphics)
Snagit ($49) – Snagit is a screen capture tool that I use in every presentation
BoxShot ($69 a year) – I create all my report and ebook covers using Boxshot

I created a gallery of generic real estate graphics that you can instantly use in your real estate business. The graphics are available to REMCamp members at www.REMCamp.com. 

5 – CRM

Internet leads require an immediate response to their questions and you often to incubate leads for a long period of time. This makes your CRM system the most important lead conversion tool in your real estate business.

There are many excellent CRM systems available so the choice is difficult.

I use the following CRM:

Kunversion – It’s expensive at a couple of hundred dollars a month but I get it as part of my tech package at eXp Realty.

Zillow – (free) Zillow has a very basic CRM system but it’s free and it integrates into most other CRM systems.

I also like the following CRM systems:

Reesio ($25 a month) – I just really like the way they do things at Reesio. Great design, easy interface and a commitment to creating an end-to-end platform to manage your lead generation, lead conversion and transaction management.

Five Street ($25 a month) – Five Street is another simple CRM system (more like a follow up system) that excels in lead assignment, distribution and instant response communication through multiple channels (text, voice, email, messaging) with prospects. That’s really important when dealing with online leads.

Real Geeks (complicated pricing depending on services) – Real Geeks provide a comprehensive lead generation platform with IDX websites backed up with an excellent lead management system.

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