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Create a Real Estate Content Factory

Content Factory Diagram FlowThe best thing about writing a real estate blog is that you can repackage and reuse every blog post to create a real estate content factory.

Its starts with a number of real estate blog posts on a particular subject. You can then bundle a number of posts together to create a real estate report and you can bundle a number of reports together to create a real estate guide.

Let’s take Chuck Marunde of Sequin, WA as an example.

Chuck is a prolific real estate blogger who gets most of his business from Out-Of-State buyers who find him online. Chuck will write a number of blog post about buying homes in the Sequin area. He includes information about the local market, local things to do, the weather, real estate quirks peculiar to the area like termites or cistern inspections, health care and his love for the ocean. That’s a wide range of topics but it’s information that’s valuable, interesting and relevant to someone relocating from the Arizona desert or a bustling California city.

Sequim Real Estate GuideThen at the end of the year Chuck repackages his blog posts and publishes a book called “Sequim Real Estate – A Buyer’s Guide”. The book contains a foreword, some promotion for Chuck’s real estate services and a huge bunch of repackaged real estate blog posts.

And for just $24.95 you can order it from Amazon ūüôā (unless you’re one of¬†Chuck’s best prospects in which case he’ll send you a copy for free).

Chuck has used content marketing to firmly establish himself as a local expert, community leader and an authority on all things to do with relocating and buying a home in Sequin, WA.

Take a look at the diagram again and think about ways you can create your own real estate content factory.

Content Factory Diagram Flow

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Create Real Estate Content

Content Marketing Placester SlideCreating compelling real estate content is all about identifying your target audience and delivering the content that they want to read or watch.

To help you understand your target audience here’s a real estate content infographic from Placester that should help you create great blog posts.

The infographic looks at buying and selling statistics by age group and gives you ideas about the type of information or content that they find interesting.

Here’s the full infographic: Continue reading “Create Real Estate Content”

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Real Estate Landing Page Plan

Real Estate Landing Page Slide ImageThe primary goal of every digital real estate marketer is to convert our web visitors into contacts and the best way to do that is to drive traffic to a real estate landing page.

You only get a few seconds to capture your visitor’s attention so you need a visual and beautiful landing page with a compelling benefit and strong call to action.

Click Here to Download the Real Estate Landing Page Plan!

I created this landing page template to help you create and publish your own real estate landing pages. Included in the template are a number of landing page examples, a list of essential pages and a link to the tools you need to create high converting landing pages.

Click Here to Download the Real Estate Landing Page Plan!

You can also login to REMCamp and download our gallery of generic real estate landing pages.

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Pay Me For My Listings

FB PayMeForMyListings-4

Here’s something I hear again and again from real estate agents in the REMCamp network

“I’m a real estate agent and I work hard to earn my listings. The listing data is my listing data and if the large real estate portals want to use my data they need to Pay Me For My Listings.¬†In the past we allowed you to use our listing data only for you to use the data to generate traffic to your website and then sell that traffic back to agents through your advertising products”.

So right now I’m going to take up the cause and join the movement of agents who believe it is fair that we get paid for our listings data.

I’m going to support the agents’ right to be paid for their data and sign up at and add my name to the national movement.

I’m going to adopt the hashtag #PayMeForMyListings and share it on social media.

I encourage you to do the same. Just click here and add your name and voice.

And to steal an old real estate chestnut – “there will never be a better time to sell.”

Because on April 7th the listing syndication agreement between Listhub and Zillow will be terminated. Continue reading “Pay Me For My Listings”

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Real Estate Blog Plan

Real Estate Blog Plan SlideTo help you zero in on your exact target audience I just uploaded my real estate blog plan.

It’s a step-by-step template for planning and creating a hyper local neighborhood blog.

Click Here To Download The Real Estate Blog Plan!

The one area that Realtors can out perform the large real estate search portals (like Zillow) in Google search results is by creating relevant hyper local content. The strategy is to create a neighborhood blog that publishes posts about local events, icons, landmarks and landscapes. All you need is a camera to shoot local photos and video and a short descriptive paragraph about the photo or video.

The real estate blog plan covers: Continue reading “Real Estate Blog Plan”

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Real Estate Website Plan

Real Estate Website Plan from Ross HairIf you want to find home buyers and sellers online you need a high performing real estate website.

Click Here To Download The Real Estate Website Plan!

Your real estate website is the foundation of your digital marketing plan. It’s your virtual home base through which you can manage all your marketing campaigns.

Setting up a real estate website is easy and inexpensive as there are dozens of excellent website vendors. For just $10-a-month you can have your own real estate website, with IDX, up and running in as little as 15-minutes. Yet so many real estate agents don’t have their own website and instead rely on a sub-site or mini site on their broker’s website.

That’s just nuts! Continue reading “Real Estate Website Plan”

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Real Estate Domain Plan

Real Estate Domain Plan SlideA real estate domain is a powerful, flexible and brandable real estate marketing tool.

And at just under $10 a domain it’s also one of the most affordable tools that every Realtor needs in their real estate marketing toolbox.

The key is that you can forward, map and mask any domain to compliment your marketing goal. As an example I can set up a $10 a month real estate blog with IDX of a site like Placester and map a domain to the blog’s sub-domain on Placester. So instead of having an ugly sub-domain like I can use a domain like (assuming I was selling luxury lofts in Denver).

By mapping the domain my visitors will only see Continue reading “Real Estate Domain Plan”

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Real Estate eCovers Tool

Real Estate Graphics Cover Spiral BlackIf you want to create eCovers for your real estate reports, presentations and websites (like the cover to the left) you need a real estate graphics tool called BoxShot.

BoxShot creates beautiful real estate graphics that you can add to any marketing material. And, as always, the best part is you don’t need any coding or photoshop skills.

Instead of using text to tell a client that you will provide them with a home report about “what their home is worth” you can create an eCover that visually depicts the home report.

To get BoxShot you simply need to click this link and go to a sign up page that has a $30 discount for REMCamp members.

Take a look at this cover set to get an idea about the different types of covers you can create (in just a few minutes per graphic):

eCover Set Black


The cover set was created with a single stock image Continue reading “Real Estate eCovers Tool”

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Canva Graphic Design Platform

Canva Logo
If you want to create your own real estate graphics you’re going to love the Canva graphic design platform.

It’s an online platform that tries to break graphic design down to it’s simplest form so that anyone can create their own graphics. No coding and no photoshop skills required!

Your only limitation will be your own imagination.

Canva is one of those tools that you just need to see for yourself. So go to and make sure you connect with me at so we can share real estate graphic design ideas.

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{Tutorial} The Power Point Method (for real estate graphics)

PowerPoint Method Digital Assets SlideIf you have no technical or photoshop skills you can create your own real estate graphics in PowerPoint using the PowerPoint Method.

As the name suggests you can create all your own real estate graphics using PowerPoint as the canvas or base for your designs.

Basically you can drag and drop design elements like text, backgrounds and images into a PowerPoint slide, organize them into an image and then create the graphic with a screen capture tool like Jing or Snagit.

The PowerPoint Method or Hack has five easy steps: Continue reading “{Tutorial} The Power Point Method (for real estate graphics)”

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