Real Estate Marketing Mind Map

As part of the REMCamp 30 Day Marketing Makeover we created a real estate marketing mind map to cover all 30 marketing tactics every Realtor needs to add to their digital marketing platform.

You can access the full Mind Map at REMCamp.

REMCamp 30 Day Marketing Makeover Mind Map Image

REMCamp 30

REMCamp 30 Day Header

The REMCamp 30 is the 30-Day Real Estate Marketing Makeover by Real Estate Marketing Camp (REMCamp).

That’s a mouthful but essential the REMCamp 30 is a digital marketing system, broken down into 30 steps, that every Realtor needs to implement to find and convert new clients on the internet.

It’s a pretty simple gameplay – your clients are online so you need to go online to meet them and get their business.

You can access the REMCamp 30 by joining REMCamp.