Real Estate Checklists

Tweet This Thursday we’re going to use a new crowdsourcing real estate marketing initiative to create real estate checklists. The idea is that we all need checklists to run our real estate businesses. Successful real estate agents use checklists to create systems and systems make it easier to build a successful real estate business. On […]

Intercept Home Sellers Before They List With An Agent

Tweet A question that has been bouncing around my head for years is “how do you intercept home sellers before they list with an agent?” It might be the oldest question in the real estate industry but I don’t know anyone who has found the perfect answer. But maybe there is a perfect answer! Maybe […]

Five Critical Listing Presentation Slides

Tweet I just re-read the NAR 2014 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends and picked up a number of graphs and charts that you need to add five critical slides to your listing presentation. The data analyzes how buyers source and purchase real estate. It’s buyer data but it’s also the perfect data to share […]

14 Step Video Marketing Funnel

Tweet We ended the REMCamp 30 Day Marketing Makeover by creating a number of marketing funnels, including a 14-Step Video Marketing Funnel. In my last post I shared one of my video landing pages. The video landing page is an important part of my video marketing funnel. As the name suggests, a marketing funnel is […]