The 5 Best Real Estate Social Media Blogs

If you’re in the real estate industry and you love social media then you need to follow the five best real estate social media blogs. Like the name suggests the blogs are all about how you use social media to grow your real estate business.

Here’s the list:

Shameless Honorary Mention

Ross Hair

I’m not allowed to vote for myself so I added my blog at to the list under the honorary mention category. This also meets the FTC requirements that mandate the inclusion of at least one bald guy with an ironic yet iconic last name in all lists that have anything to do with real estate social media.

inman Next

Before moving to Inman Next as the Chief Evangelist, Chris Smith was the Tech Savvy Agent and a regular speaker at Social Media Marketing Camp. Chris has a cult like following derived from his countless speaking engagements all over the nation and his charming boy band good looks. Inman Next has an exceptional team of writers who share the latest real estate social media news and trends (not to mention the one and only Katie Lance as editor).

But most of all you get the latest news and reviews on critical social media and real estate tools and resources that will help you grow your real estate business.

My Tech Opinion

Nicole Nicolay is another popular national speaker and keynote presenter at Social Media Marketing Camp. I love reading her borderline genius blog posts or reports on how social media and technology can put you ahead of the real estate sales curve and generate an endless pipeline of buyers and sellers.

You can catch up with Nicole at My Tech Opinion, a blog she writes with her partners Reggie Nicolay and Chad Johnson. Continue reading “The 5 Best Real Estate Social Media Blogs”

Guinness World Record for Fans in a Day

Here’s a Press Release from a Fortune 500 company about getting Facebook fans for your Page that really caught my eye.

In the Press Release the company claims to have set a Guinness World record for the most Facebook fans in a day – 1,571,161.

WOW – I’m impressed!

And the name of the company?

Frito Lay.

So how did they do it and what lessons can you use in your real estate business?

The campaign was launched by providing fans with an inside look at the creation of a new flavor of chips in the Flavor Kitchen. This gave fans a behind the scenes look at the creation process. It was then backed up with the give away of 24,000 bags of chips (value $3.99 each) to the first 24,000 fans who liked the Page and registered at a custom tab.

That’s a great way to build a fan base and a mailing list. Continue reading “Guinness World Record for Fans in a Day”