Social Media Marketing Camp 5

Social Media Marketing Camp 5 is set for Thursday September 9 from 10am to 1pm Mountain.

SMMCamp features a number of real estate social media experts who will share their insights and advice on how to market and sell homes on Facebook.

As usual, the event is online and free and you can sign up at the SMMCamp website.

Top 5 Real Estate Social Media Sites

In 2010 real estate social media stormed to the forefront of online real estate marketing so I thought it would be a good time to share the top 7 real estate sites and blogs.

Social Media Advocate

Social Media Advocate is a community blog and network packed with thousands of real estate professionals, free education and social media resources. You can view how to videos and step-by-step workbooks on how to do things like customize a Fan Page or build a community site for your local town on Facebook.

Tech Savvy Agent

The Tech Savvy Agent won the 2010 Inman Most innovative Blogger award and features the latest and greatest real estate tech tools. As the name suggests there’s a strong tech focus but the articles are easy to read and very practical.

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The Opportunity Lies in the Obstacle

Here’s the one common characteristic of most successful businesses – they found a solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem. They ran into an obstacle that stopped every competitor dead in their tracks and found a way to overcome the obstacle.

Put in other words – the opportunity always lies in the obstacle.

Let’s take online real estate marketing as an example.

I’ve taught thousands of real estate professionals how to use social media marketing to generate new business and an unlimited pipeline of motivated buyer and seller leads.

While they all “get it” when it comes to connecting with prospects on social networks, almost every single person got stuck with the technology needed to create an online presence and convert social network friends into clients. Continue reading “The Opportunity Lies in the Obstacle”

HootSuite – My Favorite Real Estate Social Media Tool

The one piece of real estate social media software that I simply can’t do without is HootSuite.

HootSuite is a third party application that allows you to view all your social media accounts on a single dashboard, connect all your accounts so that you can syndicate posts and automatically upload RSS feeds from any website (including your blog) to all the social networks.

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Winner 2010 Inman Most Innovative Brokerage

Congratulations to Krisstina Wise and the Goodlife Team for winning the Inman 2010 Most Innovative Brokerage award.

Krisstina runs a boutique real estate brokerage in Austin Texas and makes great use of video, neighborhood and market reports on the brokerage website.

The site has a simple, cool and clean design and immediately answers the main question on a homeowner’s mind (what’s my home worth) and addresses a buyer’s top priority (good, fast sticky search).

Take a look at the Goodlife Team website and stack it up against your site.