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Real Estate Social Media Strategy

Here’s a the two step process that drives my real estate social media strategy:

1. Convert Strangers into Friends

The key to social media marketing is that you need to find an efficient way to meet complete strangers (prospects) online and then convert them into clients.

The critical middle step is that you need to first convert strangers into contacts. I define a contact as someone who gives you their email address. Continue reading “Real Estate Social Media Strategy”

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Active Brad’s Real Estate Social Media Resources

Here’s a list of Active Brad’s real estate social media resources. I don’t have the full list so please add more resources to the comments:

Session 4

Brad Andersohn is Active Brad and here’s his list of real estate social media resources: – text widget

Breaking News – – Twitter tool

www.tokbox – video conferencing and video email

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The Two Baldest Men in Real Estate

Ross Hair and Jonathan Washburn, the founder of Active Rain at Rain Camp Denver – #raincamp

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Bob Stewart on How to Rank on Page 1 of Google

Getting your Blog to Rank # 1 on Google

Session 3 by Bob Stewart at Rain Camp Denver #raincamp

Blog Title Rules

The Title is very important:

Geographically specific – use a geographically specific title. The more specific the better as it opens up long tail opportunities.

Short and concise – try to mimic what people will type in for search

Named after the phrase for which you wish to rank – use similar articles with different keyword phrases. Use Curtis Park Homes for Sale and the change it  “Homes for Sale in Denver’s Curtis Park Continue reading “Bob Stewart on How to Rank on Page 1 of Google”

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Marianna Wagner at Rain Camp Denver

Marianna Wagner

Blogging Tips

Marianna is a very active Active Rain blogger and Realtor from Colorado Springs

1.            Blog about your Local Market

Marianna uses blogging about neighborhood communities to dominate her local market.

Use keywords used by consumers like “Homes for sale”, “neighborhood name” and supplies real estate information about the area.

2 – Position yourself as the expert

Supply local real estate information, news and statistics

Focus on keywords that people are interested in like “Bank Owned Homes” and “foreclosures”.

Go after new home communities – write about the communities – easy to become the lead information source for a community.

Write in the language of the consumer and avoid real estate industry terms.

3 – Market and Advertise your listings

Promote your listings through your blogs

4 – Generate traffic and Create Links

Uses Active Rain and popular sites for links back to her blogs.

5 – Blog for referrals

The more I blog the more business I get. Other Realtors see her blog and trust her with their referrals.

Write about stuff that you like, write often and write in the voice of your customer.

Marianna’s tips for things to blog about:

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Notes from Rain Camp Denver

I’m at Rain Camp #raincamp in Denver and thought I’d experiment with taking notes online and in real time.

I’ll update the notes after each session.

Continue reading “Notes from Rain Camp Denver”

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How to get a Great Real Estate Domain

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How to get your Unique Facebook Username

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Real Estate Social Media Strategy

Here’s the single most important thing about my real estate social media strategy …

I think it’s too difficult to sell real estate online. So I don’t even try.

Is that a crazy statement or what?

It’s certainly counter intuitive. Continue reading “Real Estate Social Media Strategy”

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Real Estate Blogging is a Mixture of Art and Science

Publishing a real estate blog is a mixture of art and science.

The art is your content, how you phrase your sentences and pen your words.

The science is the systematic checklist you use to make sure your blog is fully optimized for the search engines so it can be seen by your real estate customers.

I going to leave the wordsmithing (I think I just inventicated this word) and poetic language about your recently rehabbed 3 bed 2 bath to you.

I’m only going to help you with the technical stuff so here’s the “10 Step Scientific Outline and Checklist for Publishing your First Blog Post”: Continue reading “Real Estate Blogging is a Mixture of Art and Science”

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