14 Step Video Marketing Funnel

We ended the REMCamp 30 Day Marketing Makeover by creating a number of marketing funnels, including a 14-Step Video Marketing Funnel.

In my last post I shared one of my video landing pages. The video landing page is an important part of my video marketing funnel.

As the name suggests, a marketing funnel is a process by which we drive traffic to a real estate video and then try to convert each visitor into a contact and a client. The process involves a significant number of steps and tools – but the end results are worth it – more visitors, more contacts, more prospects and more commission checks.

I created a visual map for you to copy and follow each step of the marketing process:

Video Marketing Funnel

The part that will make your head spin is that you need so many tools to execute a video marketing campaign.

You need to shoot a video, upload it it YouTube, write a blog post, add graphics, add an email capture form, integrate the form with your email manager, repost to Google Plus and Facebook, create an auto responder series, syndicate the video distribution and then create a fancy pants retargeting ad campaign.

The good news is that we covered the video marketing funnel in great detail in the REMCamp 30 Day Marketing Makeover and you can download it by joining REMCamp right here!

When you join REMCamp you will also get the Email Funnel, SMS Funnel, IDX Funnel, Landing Page Funnel, Facebook Ad Funnels, Zillow Funnel, Craigslist Funnel and Trulia Funnel.

Or you can just follow the visual map above and re-engineer your own marketing funnels.

Ross Hair

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