Intercept Home Sellers Before They List With An Agent

A question that has been bouncing around my head for years is “how do you intercept home sellers before they list with an agent?”

Get More Listing ImageIt might be the oldest question in the real estate industry but I don’t know anyone who has found the perfect answer.

But maybe there is a perfect answer! Maybe there is a Real Estate Seller Interceptor System! (It sounded really impressive in my head – less so when written down).

Let’s break it down into a logical process.

First, at some point in time every seller makes a decision to sell their home. At that exact moment the seller decides to sell the seller does not have a real estate agent.

Technically that means that 100% of sellers start out with no agent representation.

Second, the seller then decides whether or not to hire a real estate agent.

In the 2014 NAR Home Buyer Trends the research shows that 89% of home sellers sell their home through a real estate agent. Let’s make that 9 out of ten so as to keep the math nice and easy.

This means that 9 out of 10 home listings are up for grabs.

So what we need is a system that allows us to intercept sellers in the time frame between when they decide to sell and when they hire a real estate agent?

Three partial “interceptor systems” are the FSBO, Investor and Zillow systems:


Five Critical Listing Presentation Slides

I just re-read the NAR 2014 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends and picked up a number of graphs and charts that you need to add five critical slides to your listing presentation.

2014 NAR Home Buyer Trends CoverThe data analyzes how buyers source and purchase real estate. It’s buyer data but it’s also the perfect data to share with your sellers.

Think about it like this – when you’re sitting down at a listing presentation with your potential sellers you know that the main question that your seller wants you to answer is how will you find a buyer for their home. The sellers’ number one fear is that their home won’t sell.

The easiest way to address this question and dazzle your seller is to whip out the NAR buyer stats (see below – I made the image as big as possible so you can download it and add it to your listing presentation.)

The key is that you need to show you seller that you understand the stats, that you understand how buyers find homes and that you will market the seller’s home using the marketing channels that buyers use to find a home.

The next five slides of your listing presentation will cover the five main marketing channels used by buyers to source their next home.

Let’s take a look at the NAR stats. Don’t forget to copy and paste the stats into your seller listing presentation. (more…)

Real Estate Mobile Ads

Trulia Mobile Ad SearchIs it time to jump into real estate mobile ads?

If you do decide to go mobile I have one huge conversion tip for you that will dramatically increase your return on investment.

Trulia has been touting stats that users who access their site through mobile devices are more transaction ready and 60% more likely to contact an agent.

That’s eye opening, especially when you couple this information with the trend that in 2014 more people accessed the web through a mobile device than their web browser.

Hint – you should probably pay attention to that bell that’s ringing in your head and telling you to take a serious look at mobile ads.

Think about it like this – if you buy an ad on Facebook and it appears in the traditional right hand column, a mobile user will never see the ad as there is no right hand column on your mobile viewers. This means that you just cut out over 50% of your potential audience who access Facebook through their mobile device.

In the REMCamp 30 Day Marketing Makeover we took a deep look at how you can use Trulia mobile ads to reach real estate buyers and sellers. We focused on Trulia because, unlike Zillow, you can buy stand alone mobile ads without having them bundled with the traditional web ads. That makes the mobile ads cheaper at around $100 a month and there is far less competition to get ads in your zip code.

We also uncovered one simple tactic that sky rocketed lead conversions. (more…)

14 Step Video Marketing Funnel

We ended the REMCamp 30 Day Marketing Makeover by creating a number of marketing funnels, including a 14-Step Video Marketing Funnel.

In my last post I shared one of my video landing pages. The video landing page is an important part of my video marketing funnel.

As the name suggests, a marketing funnel is a process by which we drive traffic to a real estate video and then try to convert each visitor into a contact and a client. The process involves a significant number of steps and tools – but the end results are worth it – more visitors, more contacts, more prospects and more commission checks.

I created a visual map for you to copy and follow each step of the marketing process:

Video Marketing Funnel

The part that will make your head spin is that you need so many tools to execute a video marketing campaign.

You need to shoot a video, upload it it YouTube, write a blog post, add graphics, add an email capture form, integrate the form with your email manager, repost to Google Plus and Facebook, create an auto responder series, syndicate the video distribution and then create a fancy pants retargeting ad campaign.

The good news is that we covered the video marketing funnel in great detail in the REMCamp 30 Day Marketing Makeover and you can download it by joining REMCamp right here!

When you join REMCamp you will also get the Email Funnel, SMS Funnel, IDX Funnel, Landing Page Funnel, Facebook Ad Funnels, Zillow Funnel, Craigslist Funnel and Trulia Funnel.

Or you can just follow the visual map above and re-engineer your own marketing funnels.

Ross Hair

Video Landing Pages

One of the most powerful lead conversion tools is a video landing page.

Like the name suggests it’s a landing page (also known as a squeeze page) to where you direct traffic with a goal to getting your visitor’s contact details. The “conversion” is converting a visitor into a contact. The contact details we ideally want are the visitor’s email address, name and cell phone number.

The importance of converting a visitor into a contact is that you can identify your visitor and now have a way to contact him or her at a later date. It’s basically lead conversion 101.

Here’s a typical video landing page for a neighborhood video that I created with my favorite landing page tool:

Landing Page Neighborhood Video

The essential elements of the video landing page are:

Headline: A strong and descriptive headline

Video: It’s a video landing page so adding a short video with quality neighborhood content is obviously important :)

Clear Benefit and Reward: The checklist clearly states the benefits contained in the video

Call To Action (CTA): The CTA is very clear and is the action that you want taken your visitor

Email Form: You can’t see it on this video but there is an email form integrated into the page. The form is created by my email manager and is integrated into the page using my landing page tool.

Simple Navigation: The page has a very simple navigation structure. There are no distracting links to other pages. A visitor has a simple choice – download the video (by giving me an email address) or hit the back button and leave the page.

Here’s another video landing page for a Real Estate Market Report (with a timer to create urgency): (more…)

Pro Real Estate Videos

I recently bought a video creation product that makes it really easy to create professional real estate videos.

You can view or purchase the software by clicking here!

You can make just about any type of real estate video. All you need is your imagination.

I created my own set of videos and included step-by-step instructions. I’ll update the instructions as I complete each new video – but you can download my first step-by-step instructions by clicking here!

1 – A Professional Video Intro

You can start each video with a professional video intro by animating your company logo. I created a sample video with a number of different options you can use to start your videos.

2 – A Home Tour

I spliced together a mp4 video corporate intro clip with still home exterior and interior photos to create a simple video tour. It took 7 minutes.

Coming Soon: (more…)

Claim Your Listings on Zillow

 Claim Your Listings ImageZillow has a very powerful free marketing feature that allows real estate agents to “claim their listings”. The feature is open to every listing agent and you don’t need to advertise on Zillow to claim your listings.

The benefit is that you get free premium advertising on all of your own listings. In particular, you get a free listing agent ad that appears above the paid ads of competing agents.

The difference is that the listing agent ad is free, it’s designated as the listing agent and it appears at the top of the ad list.

Look how the listing agent Patrick Dolan has the top ad.

Zillow Home Search Listing Agent Top

In order to claim your listings it needs to (i) appear on Zillow and (ii) you need to create a free Zillow account. (more…)

Zillow for Real Estate Guide

Zillow Report Cover Spiral No LogoZillow dominates online real estate search so I thought it was time someone wrote the underground Zillow for Real Estate Guide.

I’ve dug up the best free and paid marketing tools that you can use to run your entire real estate business on Zillow. Yes, it’s that powerful!

Download the free How to Use Zillow for Real Estate guide right here!

Back to Basics

As 2014 starts to pick up speed I’ve decided it’s time to go back to the basics.

To get into the spirit of things I changed to the most basic WordPress theme.

No more messing around with custom code and fancy pants templates. Just simple and insightful content.

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