Real Estate in the Digital World

The Digital Age will change everything we know about real estate. That’s why we changed everything we do to find new clients. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


Your clients are online searching for homes for sale and looking for expert local real estate information, advice and resources.

Hyper Local

The Digital Age appears to have made our world bigger, yet the truth is the real estate world just got much smaller and is now hyper-local.


Every moment of every day some of the smartest minds are thinking about ways to find your clients and steal your commission.

Hi, I'm Ross.

 I’ve helped thousands of Realtors adapt and thrive in the new digital world.

Like most agents, I love real estate – selling, marketing and closing the deal. 

But experience has taught me that most Realtors need someone to take care of all the tech, marketing and digital work. 

You just don’t have time for all the techie stuff and, if you’re honest about it, deep down you really don’t want to do it.

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