Claim Your Listings on Zillow

Claim Your Listings ImageZillow has a very powerful free marketing feature that allows real estate agents to “claim their listings”. The feature is open to every listing agent and you don’t need to advertise on Zillow to claim your listings.

The benefit is that you get free premium advertising on all of your own listings. In particular, you get a free listing agent ad that appears above the paid ads of competing agents.

The difference is that the listing agent ad is free, it’s designated as the listing agent and it appears at the top of the ad list.

Look how the listing agent Patrick Dolan has the top ad.

Zillow Home Search Listing Agent Top

In order to claim your listings it needs to (i) appear on Zillow and (ii) you need to create a free Zillow account. Continue reading

Zillow for Real Estate Guide

Zillow Report Cover Spiral No LogoZillow dominates online real estate search so I thought it was time someone wrote the underground Zillow for Real Estate Guide.

I’ve dug up the best free and paid marketing tools that you can use to run your entire real estate business on Zillow. Yes, it’s that powerful!

Download the free How to Use Zillow for Real Estate guide right here!

Funny Test Drive Prank Equals Social Media Gold

Renault knocked it out the social media park with this viral video of a prank test drive on a few unsuspecting car buyers.

I laughed my socks off. Hit that like or share button if you enjoyed the video.

And to make sure they’re not viewed as sexist, they did a second ad for the ladies!

The ads went viral and had millions of views … thanks to people sharing on social media.

Now here’s the lesson. You don’t need to shoot your own viral videos to get traffic to your websites. You can simply embed any video that’s already gone viral, just like I did here. Thanks for visiting my website :)

15 Best Real Estate Blogs and Bloggers

15 Best Real Estate Blogs and Bloggers BinderHere’s the REMCamp list of 15 Best Real Estate Blogs and Bloggers.

We picked the list based on content, design and sometimes just the sheer force and personality of the bloggers. And it doesn’t hurt that almost all the bloggers are also very successful real estate professionals.

So if you want to peep inside the minds of the very best real estate bloggers, download the 15 Best Real Estate Blogs and Bloggers Guide right here …

The One Thing the Top Real Estate Bloggers Have in Common

Authentic ImageI interviewed a number of the top real estate bloggers and was struck by the realization that they all have one thing in common. It’s an intangible thing that’s hard to explain but you know it when you see it.

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That one thing is this – their blogging has transcended their blog and they’re now viewed as an integral part of their community.  They’ve achieved local brand recognition and now get almost all their business from referrals and past customers.

In a weird kind of way they have become local celebrities, instantly recognized when they walk down the street and viewed as a credible and trustworthy source of local news and information.

In short they’ve become trusted community leaders.

I found it difficult to articulate this observation into words so let me share a few real life examples.

Kendyl Young is a real estate blogger from Glendale, CA. Kendyl blogs about life and real estate in Glendale and La Canada on her blog at She posts articles and videos on Things to Do, Life, Market Reports, Listings and Neighborhoods in her local area. Continue reading

The Very First REMCamp – Real Estate Marketing Camp

REMCamp Thumbnail 2We’re launching the very first REMCamp – Real Estate Marketing Camp, this Thursday February 21st at 12 Noon Eastern.

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And there’s no better way to launch it than with Matthew Shadbolt, the Director of Interactive Product and Marketing at The Corcoran Group.

Matthew Shadbolt – The Corcoran Group’s 2013 Digital Marketing Plan

Seth Price – Online Marketing Director, Placester – 3 Marketing Trends to follow in 2013

Sharon McNamara – Broker / Owner, Boston Connect – The 3 Marketing Channels that Built My Real Estate Company and My Marketing Focus in 2013

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Shoot Real Estate Video With Your iPhone

Your iPhone or smart phone is already an essential tool in your real estate business. Now with the advances in mobile video you can use your iPhone to shoot real estate video just like the pros.

Take a look at this tutorial on how to shoot a home tour video with an iPhone and then look at the second video to see the final product. The video is shot on an iPhone 4 using a custom case by HDHat with a clip on wide angle lens.


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Now take a look at the final home tour video.